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Free game of the day


Oh, no one has replied to this yet.

Well me being me I of course saw the “other” thing first.

You either see a person with a book in hand, one leg over the other or you don´t see any legs and the pages of the book are hair and the legs another body. So you have one person go down on another. However I admit it still is a bit wrong because I still see a cover of a book in both “versions”. Why he would wrap a dusk jacket around her head while she is doing it has to be the second biggest mystery after his disinterested facial expression.


Wow, I really can’t see that. And I’ve been trying hard. Oh well!


Boooooooo… uurns

I wouldn’t mind having that. I still haven’t played The Dig.


Ouch! Well, you can whishlist it then. I’m sure there’ll be a sale in the US sometime (check if you want to see what is the typical periodicity of sales)



I have this medical condition that makes me use too manny H’s, all right?


:skull: /)
[ : ]/
.I I




one of the games is called Mata Hari and is designed by… Hal Barwood!

can it be anything but a masterpiece?

I will try it soon.


And Noah Fahlstein!!!


right, the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t connect it.

anyway, how is the game? Is it forgettable?


No idea. I’ll play it by 2030 I guess…
It doesn’t get too great reviews (Barwood & Falstein helped to flesh out the story, but didn’t make the game)


Btw was Barwood the only Lucasfilm Games employee who already was with Lucas Film before the game company was founded?



Having played 40 minutes I admit the beginning is incredibly boring. They can’t be the same people who designed the interaction Trottier-Indy-Sophia in Montecarlo.


Thanks for the tip. Bought just for that. If there’s anything else of interest I’ll probably forget and rebuy it on GOG… >_>

Anyway, Windows 10 is currently preventing me from playing it with an unclickable popup.

(Yeah, I get it, the game is stuck at 1024x768 or 1280x1024 or something along those lines and it does indeed look a touch blurry on my UHD monitor… get over it you @#$#@.)

Edit: finally managed to click the f*cker. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I really like how @RonGilbert doesn’t stick half hour cutscenes at the beginning of games.


A steampunk airship combat game?
Why not! It’s free for the next 24+ hours


D’oh, there I was adding it to my cart when I noticed it was $12 and the post from 8 days ago…


Perhaps you should increase the level of this topic to “watching” then


All posts in this forum should be read immediately! :smiley: