Friday questions? (fan-proposed)

I don’t want to push anyone, but maybe… Could we enjoy one more “Friday Questions” podcast?
After all, it’s about time!
Let’s just keep our questions VERY short and focused. Maybe Ron, Gary and David will answer them in the next few [days|weeks|months].

[WARNING: “Friday Questions” podcasts DANGEROUSLY boost sales]


So, my question:
what are you up to, David, Ron and Gary, BEYOND Thimbleweed Park?
Thank you!

I’ll ask the same thing that I asked in the previous (failed) attempt to get a new “Friday questions” podcast:


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Are you considering a mix RPG-adventure as your next project? How much combat will be in it? Is your new, top-secret UI in it? Will I ever see your top-secret UI before I die?

If one of you would cosplay a character (not necessarily in Thimbleweed Park), what would you like to impersonate?

Maybe this could be a “Friday Questions” answered in text form, instead of audio (Podcast). Of course I’d love it if we had another Podcast, but if the team is too busy, that might be an option to consider. (and plus, then we would not have to convert it to a transcript, it would already be in that form! :slight_smile:

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Since the beginning of this adventure I only have two questions that I keep and will always keep asking:
Are you going to ever release the engine? :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you going to allow fan voice-overs? :stuck_out_tongue: