Friday Questions!

After a long break, Friday questions are back!
Post your questions for Gary, David or Ron to answer.
One question per-comment and please try and keep them short.
And as always, be nice.

So, what´s up next for you guys after October 3rd?


Can we have a coupon for Fangamer?

How’s the weather?

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Will TWP become a movie?

Don’t you ever get tired of doing these podcasts?

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In the case, there’s our fake Ron Gilbert!
Aren’t you, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken? :stuck_out_tongue:

At your-a-boo service, sir!

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Will we see a novelization of TWP sometimes?

Hey Ron, are you planning a patch to update the backers’ dvd-rom drm-free version in the collector’s box? We don’t have the GOG code in the box, and I chose the Steam key at launch. I thought I could get the drm free version in the box later. I got that, but it’s pre-arcade opening. :disappointed_relieved:
No pressure, I’ve already played the game, I’m just talking about one single, ultimate patch for that dvd version when you’ll feel the game is 100% finished (ok, 99.99% :grinning:).
Alternatively, you could also put Thimbleweed Park through the “GOG Connect” program in the future.

Did you guys watch the new Twin Peaks series?

There is a link on the pledgemanager page near the Steam key. Follow that link and you should still be able to get your GOG code.

Thanks. Ok, I did that. I thought that choosing the Steam key would not allow me to get the other option too. I guess I got it wrong.