Thimbleversary this Friday (with discount)

As most of us might have seen already in the Blog: This Friday it’s the first Thimbleversary!

On that day you can get TWP with a discount of 50% on all platforms.

Are there any other celebrations or party things going on?


I miss the Friday Podcasts :blush:
It would be nice if there was one to celebrate the anniversary!


Indeed. A friday party questions podcast with @RonGilbert, Gary and @David would be a great gift! :slight_smile:


Agreed, a year anniversary podcast regarding “where are they now?”
“How has TWP changed your life?”



We could post our friday questions, until Thursday 29th, in this topic.
If there will be a podcast, it could contain the answers to our questions. :crazy_face:


But I would recommend to wait for the “go” from the devs. Otherwise all our questions wouldn’t be answered. :slight_smile:

Remember, there’s always the “B” plan … :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I thought of that plan too. :wink: But let’s hope that we don’t need it.


Or we make a fan podcast where we answer questions from the devs what we liked or didn´t like about the game, what we did last week and what the local weather is like.


That was my plan C (and yes, I even have a plan D).

(btw: The more you guys come up with such ideas the less Ron et al. feel the need to produce an own podcast… :wink: )

Good price…but I will wait for more localization. I am still waiting for Ron’s script to be able to make translations.

The more likes my post above gets the more I fear we actually have to do that! :open_mouth:

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Plan E: re-mix old podcasts to come up with new questions and answers :rofl:

With this tool ( and the transcripts (thanks @Sushi!) it should be fairly straight forward…

Here’s an example of Clinton saying “please stop voting”:


Guess which tool I’m waiting for :laughing:

Next time I’m going to dub / translate the whole game in Sardinian language.

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Actually that was my plan D. :wink: