Have a Casual, Normal, Hard Mode

Ron, would you consider leaving “Casual” as it is, renaming “Hard” to “Normal”, and having “Hard” without the notebooks/to lists?

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You could just not open them!

Just don’t open them. I have never understood this, are people so weak? :slight_smile:


Temptations are hard to resist! :slight_smile:

Yes! Give them a red button and they will push it! :wink:

btw: There is even a game based on that behaviour:

I’d replace / complement the notebooks with conversations with the rest of playable characters. But that’d mean recording again in the studio, which is not feasible, I guess… Until https://lyrebird.ai/demo is available :slight_smile:

I’d replace / complement the notebooks with conversations with the rest of playable characters.

This is so much harder than it appears. There is a lot of important information in those notebooks, and forcing players to use dialog tree to get it would be very cumbersome. Trying to automatically figure out what players want to know is equally as hard. This seems like an easy task, but it very hard. If you try and form contextual conversations, you’re wrong 75% of the time and it’s confusing.

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I know I am. If theres a “hint” option in any game, I find myself clicking it frequently. The addition of a mode where thats unavailable would force me to not do it. But I know I have no self control, its a personal problem B)

Unfortunately, and embarrassingly, I must admit that, yes, we are. :frowning:

Especially since the thing jiggles a bit whenever a change is made.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the notebook idea and I don’t want to turn that off at all. I was just responding to your question: we are very weak, so if it is there, we will touch it.

The problem is, we don’t know until the end of the game whether we can finish the game without opening the notebooks. There might always be some information that only appears in the notebook which is crucial to finish the game.


One thing wish there was a way to disable is the progressive help system when you talk to people several times.

I got “burnt” by this in the Delores Flashback, when talking about printer ink. I hadn’t understood the second chemical component and wanted the uncle to repeat it, but he gave the solution in plain English the second time.

Likewise for the constant goal reminders. It was especially annoying in the Delores flashback, once again, when she kept on repeating that she wanted to check the mail while I wanted to explore the place.

Edit: Note that I’m far from having finished the game at this point (I was slammed with work when it came out… I just got the agent out of the sewers), and may delay playing the game if such a hard mode was added.

+1 on that. Everytime you switch to Reyes and he says. “I need to stay focused and solve this murder so I can do what I need to do” I do not think this has ever helped anyone.

That sentence is actually quite misleading in part 2 (which I just finished)… That’s not their current goal at that point, they need to find a map and crack the world open.

Interesting. I solved that puzzle without talking to uncle Chuck. I tried using water in the ink bottle with the soot and Delores said something like “I don’t want water based ink”, so I immediately thought about the gas tank…that was a fun puzzle to solve :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know about the soot at that point, I had started the fire, but I hadn’t re-visited the hallway (I expected the fire to burn forever, actually).

I agree, these are things that annoyed me. :delores: and :reyes: were so insistent on that particular goal – even though it is on the To-Do list already, and even though you could not possibly complete that goal during the parts they were saying this. Yet, the two puzzles where I got stuck, I really wish that at least one character nudge me in the right direction.

It felt a bit overbearing at the beginning with the really obvious puzzles (like the murder or the mailbox), but completely silent on the subtle and hard ones.