Have you ever played (or would you play) a real-life "Escape room" game?

Isn´t there one simply called “The Room”? I believe this is the Game Over screen.

Reading through this makes me wonder if there are escape the room puzzle situations that are based on the TNG Episode “Elementary, Dear Data” (because it might feel a lot like creating a fictious puzzle solving situation on the Holodeck) or maybe the Saw movies (though preferably without all the limb severing, but maybe a fictional life or death morality issue decison or something, might make for interesting social experiments).

I have played two real escape rooms so far.

In particular, one of them had some Lucasfilm adventure tricks:

  • a little telescope pointing up to a corner on the ceiling, to read 4 numbers
  • a loose brick
  • a loose panel hiding a portable camera (instead of a blank tape)
  • two switches to be pressed together, in order to unlock a special door

It was funny, but 60 minutes were not enough! :frowning:

The first one I have tried: intrappola.to
The second one (a whole house, not only one room): Il covo dell’enigma


There are also board games, for example:

Please, don’t ever mention The Room again… Years of therapy, and I’m still traumatised. :wink:

I did not mention the Room, it´s not true I did not mention the Room, I did naaaaht. oh hai @jrial!

Would you say…that I´m…tearing you apart? You´re like a chicken cheep cheep. What a funny story…so anyway how´s your sex life?

Relevant to the conversation:

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While I actually do like the casting, I´m not tooooo sure if those things actually took place the way they´re depicted in the trailer. Anyway I can´t imagine that one will be any more fun than watching the film which creating process it fictionalizes. What´s next, a movie about the making of Miami Connection or Samurai Cop? A Neil Breen Biopic?
I´d probably watch all of that…

I see, but I’d still prefer to go in with my personal selection :stuck_out_tongue: all avid adventure game players + my wife. The other problem, is, almost all my friends emigrated and are now dislocated around the world, so even if I find myself in my hometown in front of that escape room, I won’t have enough friends, not even non-smart ones, to play with :smiley:

If you can’t figure out the solutions to the puzzles required to get them INTO the room, how would you ever get them back out? :wink:


Because it’s a strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

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And there isn’t even a hint book available. Life is one seriously unfair adventure game. I’ve even heard that it’s possible to die in it. God is actually a couple, and their names are Ken and Roberta Williams.

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There are loads of escape rooms in London. I did one with some colleagues a little while ago and it was a lot of fun. Me and one other guy are known fans of puzzle video games so the pressure was on a bit, heheh. I actually found it a bit harder in real life - mainly because you have to coordinate between everyone on the team to decide who does what, to be as efficient as possible in the time given (ours was half an hour).

We solved it (but were given some hints, which I was a bit miffed about!)

It very much reminded me of games like Crimson Room if anyone played that.

Re @seguso’s mention of dinners with murder (we call them murder mysteries in the UK, but I prefer your term!) I’ve always wanted to do that. Food and puzzles - two of my favourite things.

The variant in a restaurant with actors or the RPG version at home?

The restaurant version (+ fancy dress).


Those are different, we call them “Mystery Dinner Shows” here in America and they are popular in tourists areas, like around theme parks.

Escape Room games are a different experience, it’s more like going out to play Laser-Tag or Paint-Ball with a group, except that you solve logic puzzles instead.

I’ve heard of them and some are offered around my town, but I haven’t taken then chance to try them out yet. Based on the endorsement here, I just might. :slight_smile:


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Based on the recommendation from you and others here, I tried a local Escape Room with my wife and a couple of friends. In fact, I just came back from it right now.

It was a lot of fun! We almost made it out, but ran out of time before figuring out the final clue to open the door. I am definitely doing this again, there are a couple of places around town that do this, so I’ll probably try the different ones.




We have! Twice! Failed both times! :slight_smile: And they were two different rooms, with different people. Although, to our small credit, both times we were only a few more clues away from escape. I’d like to finally escape a room at some point, heh.

Crimson Room and its followups (Blue Chamber, White Chamber) were the first escape rooms I ever played! I have fond memories of them, but MAN the clicking was insane since there are no hotspot indicators.

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Is there a “escape the red room” game where you get clues from a backwards talking midget?