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Interesting choice. I also, long ago, thought of Qt as a base. I gave up :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure Qt is a good choice for that, but I’m curious :slight_smile: keep us up to date.


VoltAir is a game developed by Google in 2014 and uses Qt 5/C++/JavaScript.


If ‘long ago’ was the Qt 4.8 days - I wouldn’t blame anyone for blacklisting it for game development :stuck_out_tongue: Qt 5 is a different story. There is always pros and cons and I might make the shift to Godot next time. But declarative programming is really awesome in many aspects of making a game. Including property bindings so you get rid of update functions everywhere.

I can’t speak for Qt and 3D though - it’s getting mixed feedback from what I can read. Nor am I sure it’s good for just any 2D game type. I all depends I guess.

So far it fit my needs :slight_smile: I’ll keep you updated


Yup. I’ve looked through VoltAir’s code a few times. It’s very C++ oriented (which is not a bad thing in regard to performance). I’m not sure the Qt C++ additions (moc, signal/slot etc.) make a big difference when it comes to game programming - it’s the declarative QML language and the fairly fast default renderer that made me jump on board


I’ve just discovered, on the AGS forum, that a user made a “Tumbleweed interface”… :slight_smile:


What makes Tumbleweed different from, I don’t know, Monkey Island 2? Just the look of the font?

(Was it Fate of Atlantis that went 6-verbs first? But the order’s like in MI2 iirc.)

Edit: never mind, should’ve just read the topic:

Was there no 6-verb LucasArts game that did that previously? Just the ones that moved on to different UX?


I hope there is an option to disable this…


Unless it is made differently (didn’t test this specific template with AGS, yet), you can simply edit the code that binds the GUI containing the text label to the cursor and set it so to have a static X/Y position on the screen.