Thimbleweed inspired mini-game with Visionaire

To learn the software I’ve made for my personal use only (who is interested in the template just let me know) a mini game inspired by Thimbleweed Park :delores:
It’s far from perfect but personally I think Visionaire is a quick and nice tool to make decent games. It still has some big issues, especially on OSX and exporting things… anyway I haven’t tried yet cause I’m using the free version demo.

I’ve not finished yet but maybe can be helpful for someone who has just started with Visionaire :wink:


Not bad, really not bad!!
Is the SCUMM template a creation of yours, or is it available as an optional file with Visionaire?

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No, I’ve built entirely by myself from scratch but I’m not gonna publish, only share in the forum for anyone who is interested. There are other tutorials anyway, but not complete as far as I know. This contains lot of features like parallax, particle, language switch. As a non programmer I’m happy! :slight_smile:

It’s a mini game about Indy finding Guybrush in his office and he needs to complete some tasks. It’s puzzle based adventure :slight_smile:

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Thats really cool.

I have played with Visionaire Demo a little bit, mostly with rooms.

I am interested and would like a copy.


the template is almost finished, you can send me a private message on Visionaire forums (search for SCUMM template), I’ll send you once ready.

Thank you. :slight_smile: