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Cool, I’ll take a look at it. I’ll begin working shortly on my own engine, I’ll take inspiration :stuck_out_tongue: or, if it suits my needs, I’ll directly work on yours. But as I already said, I’m a programmer, so I really want to build my own. I’d share the one I used for my own game (heck - here’s the link: Kill Yourself ) but 1) it’s not cross-platform, android only 2) it’s awful, it was never meant to be shared 3) it’s not a real engine, rather a library, so it’s of no help for non-coders.

The Darkside Detective

That’s not true, I found it very hilarious!


It looks hilarious, wish I had access to Android so I could play it.


I was talking about the engine, not the game :stuck_out_tongue:


The open source adventure game engine SLUDGE was imported to ScummVM and works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux (and probably others).


Hehe, that video of the game is hilarious!


I played your game, and found it funny!


Oops, missed this one (I really do need to hang out here more often)
Thank you for mentioning/sharing my project! :smiley: :+1:


Sorry to do some grave digging but if anyone’s too lazy to play it themselves @Someone got me into streaming some stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure if my laptop mic is up to snuff but oh well.

Did you do any playtesting?


Actually, it looks like this was my “bad”, for resurrecting an old thread - sorry all! :innocent:

But THANK YOU very much for making this play-through video
(you are the first - for this SCUMM-8 game anyway…)

Why? Did you find a bug (couldn’t see one in the video) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I tested it myself (back when I uploaded it last year), and it seemed to work ok.
Unfortunately, the site you played it on (Lexeloffle BBS) - isn’t the best place to play SCUMM-8 games, because the “player” doesn’t do things like: hide the system mouse cursor, or allow right-clicks properly.

Either way, if you are anyone are at all interested in other “mini” SCUMM-like Point+Click adventure games, feel free to check out my website for more.
(I hope it’s ok to put that link here - please let me know if not!)

Thanks again @Frenzie - much appreciated! :blush:


Haha no, I mean that if you’ve only ever tried it yourself it might be really interesting for you to see! :slight_smile:

Heck yeah!

Edit: figured I might as well record playing with the other one. :wink:

Edit 2: oh, my UHD (“4k”) experiment failed, presumably due to insufficient upload bandwidth.

Anyhow, I played the final (?) one too.

@tasse-tee You might like Nushi’s appearance at the end.


Awww, did poor Nushi get spooked by the scary man in the mask? :scream_cat:
I like the eerie atmosphere of the game, especially the use of the sound effects.


Are you talking about when my petting her caused a bulk of fur, so I picked it up which upset her?


No, it just looked like you were picking her up at the end to reassure her that everything was ok :grin:


lol no, she wasn’t watching my screen :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you played them all?! Didn’t expect that! :astonished:
Thanks for sharing your play-throughs.
Looks like you got your streaming settings spot-on for the last one. :+1:
Thanks again.


They’re fun little bite-sized games! I actually didn’t even know there were mini adventure games. I was only familiar with cute little fun games like this one:

Yeah, I’ve tried regular HD before and it works fine. :slight_smile:

Edit: cross-ref to another topic about SCUMM-8 SCUMM-8 and Monkey Island + Maniac Mansion mashup demo

@Liquidream The work with the three colors was great! :slight_smile:


@Frenzie Hey, thanks a lot - it was REALLY tough.
ESPECIALLY seeing as “Black” had to be considered one of the colours.
Really, it felt like a 2-colour jam - but was happy with how it came out. :blush:

(PS. Thanks for cross-referencing - I do seem to have inadvertently hijacked this thread - sorry all :innocent:)


That font looks sooooooo familar and the title makes me think of one particular part of what the font reminds me of.


I’ll throw in the hugely known, but rarely used (for games), Qt 5 application framework.

I resurrected a point’n’click-like adventure game a friend and I were working on 10 years ago and made it open source - I decided to write the engine from scratch in QML and JavaScript just for the heck of it.

Turns out it was feasible - so I’m currently writing a full blown adventure based on Qt 5.

The thing that currently hurt the most with Qt 5 is deployment and a few shortcomings in the JavaScript support in QML. Beside that - Qt can be used as a heavy weight (some would say bloated) adventure game engine :slight_smile: