Anyway to get the collector's box game?

I was unaware of the Kickstarter, heck, just realized it was a thing a year ago…

Anyway to contribute more to this wonderful game and get the box and manual like the good old days?

The same box will be available for non-backers as well. But, it won’t be signed and it will contain a Steam code instead of a disk. See the FAQ here:

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Thank you, perfect

All I want is the box to have in the studio, love the game

I will peruse the FAQs, didn’t even to think that many people already asked

We don’t know what will be in the non-backer box yet. Its all very expensive, but we can save money by ordering/printing more, so it’s going to be a tricky trade-off. We’re doing all the costing now.

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Any clue of the aprox box release date? I can’t wait to buy one!

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No news?

No news about the release date.

But there are two recent posts about the box that you might be interested to read:

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The Thimbleweed Park Collector’s Game Box is available on fangamer. :grinning:

It was available (for purchase) when it was reported in the other threads. Unfortunately, now you can only pre-order it.

Pre-ordered mine just now. If I manage to forget I did, it’ll make a nice Christmas present. :smile:

Hey Ron, hey everybody else! I know, that it’s a bit naiv question, but is there any possibility to get a boxed, and signed copy of Thimbleweed Park? :slight_smile:

You have three options
Option A:
Step 1) buy the collectors box on fangamer (PC/Mac/Linux) for $40 or limited run games (PS4/Switch) for $65
Step 2) meet up with Ron in Seattle or at a gaming convention and ask him to sign it
(Alternative: forge the signature using any of the $2000 ebay objects as reference photograph)

Option B:
step 1): travel back in time to November 18, 2014
Step 2) back the kickstarter at the box tier for $150

Option C:
Step 1) head over to eBay
Step 2) be prepared to pay way too much
See also this thread

Whatever you do, don’t put your own legit/forged box on eBay at extortionating prices


IMHO option B seems to be the most realistic one …

(And if we include chaos and time traveling theories, this might change the whole game!)

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Oh yeah, those three options are ranked in order of being realistically achievable too.

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Indeed! Bidding on eBay is a bitch!

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Mmm, too much options to choose from. I really like the one with time travel. Does anybody have a big ass diamond, or an uncle named Fred?

No, but I once had a barber named Dominique.

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No, but I could provide a toilet.

btw: I want these shoes:


Surely some people do! But is that really your best course of action? We all know how bad that turned out. I’d trust Doc E. Brown’s Delorean with a flux capacitor over dr. Fred E.'s chron-o-john any day. Way cooler ride too. :sunglasses: