Putting all the final touches on the physical rewards for Thimbleweed Park!

I have just read this Kickstarter update!

It’s about time for: PHYSICAL REWARDS!!!

How many people here in the forum are waiting for their physical rewards?


Me! Can’t wait to get this very cool brown package material with this latte macchiato tape and the white sticker! Will Ron and Gary sign it too?


Me! Me! Me!!! I backed st the “boxed copy” level, which I always try to do when available. (I still buy DVDs and CDs.)

I can’t wait to see what it looks like. :slight_smile:


I wonder what´s inside? Based on the shape, I´d say prayer gear for monks

Pics or it didn´t happen! I´m very curious myself to see what they look like so it´d be nice if you could post a picture once you have it.:slight_smile:

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Inside? I backed the brown cardboard!

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Maybe you should make a poll …

Hope it’s clown noise and wigs

Ron Gilbert has announced on Twitter that backer physical rewards will start shipping next week:


The packing material will look marvellous on the coffee table!

You can cut out the signatures from the poster and stick them on the brown paper! [puzzle solved]


There are interesting indentations inside of that box! The left one seems to be suitable for a CD-ROM, while the right one seems to be suitable for… Well, floppy disks don’t get produced any more. Let’s just wait and see.

Well, at least in Germany you are still able to buy floppy disks. 10 disks costs 12 Euros (= 14 US Dollar).

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I thought the same thing!

… or a C64 5¼-inch floppy. :wink:


I don’t know what to do with this 5¼-inch floppy disk, but I was thinking the same. Looking forward to the box.

If you have no 5¼-inch FDD, you could still enframe it and hang it on the wall. It would be a nostalgic decoration.

I still have a couple of drives. After FDDs had become hopelessly obsolete, I still had a 3.5-inch FDD installed in my PC over several years and I eventually stopped using it with a heavy heart. It’s a very particular technology.

Though, I assume that the floppy disk will be empty anyway, if there really is one inside of the TWP box.

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That’s my exact thought.
Going through the hassle of putting data on them is a lot of work, but buying empty disks and putting labels on them not so much.

Does that mean that a boxed version for non-backers is also looming on the horizon?

Having grown up with an Amiga as my first computer, I always viewed 5¼" floppies as old tech, even back in the late '80s. The day my dad proudly showed me the 8" disk his thesis was stored on, I was mightily impressed however.

I certainly miss the tangibility that came with physical software distribution, but less so the need of having to juggle stacks of disks (or CDs, for that matter).

A disk presumably sitting in a drawer on your attic for the past 30 years will, in all likelihood, be empty now anyway.


Ehrm. No. :slight_smile: I have plenty of old disks on my attic and most of them are still working. :slight_smile:

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Most of my floppies are still working, too. Much to my surprise. But, you better make a backup on a contemporary data medium.

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The problem with those things is that there is a likelihood the data was already damaged a week after putting them on…

Luckily I’ve made images of all my floppy disks a long time ago!

On which medium? (I hope not on floppy disks…)

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