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TWP missing changes/features - wishlist

This is a place where we can wish for Thimbleweed Park changes and new features and the Terrible Toybox Gods will answer our prayers. Or not :slight_smile:

I don’t really have the need to change something story or gameplay related but I came up with several other points:

  • in-game credits
    It would be nice to have complete credits in-game (e.g. including voice actors) and accessible from the menu.

  • GOG achievements
    Because I would like the GOG version being on par with the Steam version.

  • extended text adventure
    Ron said originally the text adventure should have been much bigger.
    This change could be quite problematic because it would need translations, may affect the hint line, would need a lot of testing etc.
    But maybe as an unsupported and English-only DLC? I know I can dream!

  • arcades: execute custom processes
    This may sound completely unncessary but it would be really fun to use TWP to launch whatever processes we want. We could make our own arcade games using the arcade machine background. Or we could use it as game launcher for existing games like Maniac Mansion or Resident Evil 7.

    It could be implemented using configuration settings (Win/MacOS/Linux only) which allow specifying a command line (file path + arguments) per arcade machine, overriding their default game (or its broken state).
    When such arcade machine gets activated it would show a black arcade machine screen, pauses the game and starts the external process. When TWP detects the termination of the started process it automatically unpauses and returns you to the arcade room (or when the user manually unpauses TWP).


This would be really amazing. If I ever made a game I could think of no better honor than having Delores or Ray play it…

But then another part of me thinks: give Ron a break already!

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THIS! Imagine playing TWP in the arcade… and then going to the arcade in the arcade and lunch another TWP… and… :scream:

  • In game commentaries from devs & artists
    Nothing fancy, almost like a podcast :wink:

Just the list of things that were mentioned before as “yeah, we might do that. Later”

  • Ransome uncensored
  • Fan-based (text) translations
  • Release the game engine
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Yep, that’s the plan: There are 6 arcades so you can spawn 6 new TWP instances and with those 36 and then you have a game launcher for 216 games!
This should be enough for casual gamers.

(I haven’t checked if/how TWP prevents multiple instances but I’m sure we can work this out; switching configurations shouldn’t be a problem though)

I thought quitting Twitter and having him relax over Christmas means he is fresh and full of energy now!


Two maybe less serious proposals:

  • When you enter the sewers you actually don’t have to turn the lights on but can freely cross the room:

    This seems to be more of a bug as you clearly should be eaten by a grue.

  • Then on the other hand if you exit the sewers leaving the lights on for too long you should be eaten by an environmentalist.


That should also happen if you leave a tap running.

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@David was way ahead of his time in this department. Zak McKracken can´t leave his apparment without switching off the TV, sink and closing the fridge first.

Why the characters in Maniac Mansion don´t do that you ask? They´re breaking into a foreign house stealing stuff! They just don´t care!


Zak is a good boy.

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I’m with @David. If I see a plug switch left on I HAVE to turn it off, regardless of where I am, who I’m with, and what’s appropriate. If I made an adventure game, plug sockets would be my specks of dust.


With Zak, it really bothered me to let Zak leave his apartment with the water running and the refrigerator open. I figured I could impart a lesson on sustainability while appeasing my own compulsions.

It would be interesting to hear if I changed the behavior of any kids playing the game… that would be cool.


Not changed, but Zak -hm- “reinforced” my behavior. :slight_smile:


I think I can second what @someone said. Remember that I played those games so early in my life that simple things like interacting with a fridge, a toilet or a garage door was like playing those games in real life. My dad even talked in command line like speech when he wanted me to do something sometimes and I happily obliged.

On the downside I think I did stuff the sink with toilet paper once. Sorry! :flushed:


Never let @PiecesOfKate into a hospital…


That´s gotta be the most roundabout unintentional way of wishing someone good health I´ve ever seen.


Not changed… I was a well-raised kid. But I remember that very well and thought it was so cool.
Of course I tried similar things with Delores in the Mansion Mansion kitchen… and was disappointed in her being OK with that. And angry: ok, then I’ll leave it running/open! Who am I kidding… I went back in right away and closed everything again.
Still, having Delores comment or act upon it would be on my list of things missing in TWP.
That and more objects in all these empty cupboards in the kitchen - especially in the flashback.



And then you hit puberty and you only replied with either “I can’t pick that up.” (Pick up dirty socks) or “That doesn’t seem to work.” (to any other command)

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