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How to reply to multiple posts?


I really like this forum software, but there is a feature I’ve used in others that I can’t seem to find in here: to select multiple posts to quote and reply at once.

I am using the mobile version mostly (my PC is on the fritz), so it’s a bit cumbersome to copy/paste stuff or to open the edit box, then go back to the thread and select another post, etc.

Is there an easier way?


Left click to quote one users sentence and then repeat to quote another users sentence(if you have the quote feature enabled). Only one user will see it as a reply but if you quote both, both will see it.


To the best of my knowledge, the only way is to select the text that you want to quote and click/tap the “Quote” button that appears, doing this for each sentence you want to quote. I am not aware of a “multiple quote” feature.


Yeah, I thought so. Unfortunately, on mobile, I have no mouse; only tap on hotspots. :frowning:

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


If you mark a sentence with your finger the quote symbol doesn´t appear above?


Yes, but when used, it replaces the previously quoted part.


Mmhh, I don´t see why it should do that instead of adding another one like in the browser. That´s too bad then, sorry.


That’s OK, I appreciate the help nonetheless. :slight_smile:

People will just have to get used to me making multiple posts. It is much easier for me that way.


That’s strange, it doesn’t work in this way for me.

On mobile, I can quote multiple sentences from different posts just like in the desktop website.

I quote a sentence, write a reply to it, and then quote another sentence.

Is it possible that in your case a second quotation replaces the first one only because the text on the first quote is selected in the edit window? In this case, all you have to do is to quote something, tap the edit window so that the quoted text is no more selected (this is also a way to move the text cursor below the quote) and then quote something else.


That sounds probable. I can´t check since I´m not logged in on my phone. But I also see why it wouldn´t work in general.