Discourse and the "can't give more likes" message

I logged in a few minutes ago for the first time this day, gave round about five “likes” and now Discourse is telling me that I haven’t enough likes left.

Does anybody know which time zone Discourse is using (regarding the likes)? Can I set my time zone somewhere?

I assume that Discourse is using one of the US time zones. Then it would make sense that I only have a few likes left…


Isn’t it just the past 24 hours rather than anything timezone-ish?

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But when do these 24 hours start? It can’t be at my login - otherwise I would have much more likes left.

I mean 24 hours ago in the sense of yesterday at 12:14.

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But doesn’t say the message that I have no more likes today? :thinking:

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But it also says “try again in x hours” (where x was something like 2 to 4 when it happened to me).

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Hm… yes, could be. I’ll spend my last likes and report. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure I often leave more than 5 likes a day, but discourse never scolded me.
Are you sure you didn’t misbehave?

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5 or 50? >_>

Edit: Official Thimbleweed Park Forums

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Ah ok :grin:
Yeah, I’ve never LOVED so much in a day!


But you should, because:

“Likes affect post rankings (undocumented) (Top, external comments etc.)” Source

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Interesting… I just woke up with an ‘Out of Love’ badge that discourse granted an hour ago. I was catching up on a few threads yesterday so I must have hit 50 likes without realizing it .

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Looks like @Someone has the next level badge already: Official Thimbleweed Park Forums

Ah, the Steve Winwood badge… doubt I’ll be getting that one.


It’s not only about the “likes”. There seem to be other features that depend on the time. Again, the problem is the lack of a manual or a documentation. (And that’s a no-go in software development.)

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It’s a hidden achievement. :wink:

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After 1000 days, Disco-Bot grants you The Manual™


I don’t give a hoot (*)

(*) just learnt expression :blush:


Why you people like so much? To let people know you read their post?I mostly only like post that I think really deserve it. Like with the Nobel price. I mean you wouldn’t give that one to any Orange small handed weirdo. Right? Right?


I’ve searched the Discourse source code. In the language files I’ve found the setting:

max_likes_per_day: "Maximum number of likes per user per day."

and the error message:

create_like: "You’ve reached the maximum number of likes. Please wait %{time_left} before trying again."

But both strings doesn’t seem to be used in the source code. I’m a little bit confused at the moment, but maybe @eviltrout can enlighten us? :slight_smile:

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