Ideas or Suggestions for a new game!

Check it out.


I don’t know, is it any good? You know, I’m used to playing games with such ratings:

TWP on Google Plays


I am not promoting the game… I am just giving a suggestion.

Blame the electoral college for that rating!

Did that type of game really existed “back in the day” in 1984? It seems awfully close to the type of Nintendo RPGs that started coming out in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


This one’s different from the original game.

WHO left ONLY four stars???

Some of those people lamented the lack of cloud saves.

Yeah, I saw that in the iOS App Store: people leaving 2 to 4 stars, saying that the game was awesome, but it lacked iCloud saves. That’s weird.


I installed this Stranger Things game and I already love it. (after 1 min).

I hope Ron is considering this style for the next game, to cut costs. (His recent tweet is a slight hint of this)

A couple of nights ago I dreamed of a PrinceOfPersia-like game, but it was isometric instead of 1D, on touch devices. You ran around and jumped obstacles like in PoP, I remember the protagonist was being followed by some sort of guards. You tapped to decide where to go and swiped to jump. I had quite some fun, someday I might try to implement it.

I´m still hoping for a trilogy so the third can be called Trippleweed Park.


I think this is has a lot of ideas for making a 2d game.
I liked A Night in the Woods.

Tripleweed Park.

Unless you meant Tippleweed Park, since Ron will be drinking himself into oblivion from all the stress by then.

Or “Tripe and weed park”, which sounds like a theme park my father would love.

“Tripe and weed”? LOL! :laughing:

Hah, you´re right!

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Ron can use this kind of lighting in his next game. :slight_smile: