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Funny things you can do and weird stuff

I finished the game last week and had only 1 run. I’m going to play again soon and I want to find weird stuff or missing dialogues and of course try interacting with some elements I didn’t find the first time. I want to find if I can do something with things in the sewers, like the fridge or the dust place and so on… I’m looking especially for nice animations I missed, what do you suggest?

Well, you could always try blowing up the mansion! :grinning:


You could try to give Poopsie™ to Chuck The Plant, in the library, and watch its reaction when Delores is near it. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s unfinished puzzle but I found as franklin you could manipulate the water in the hotel lobby fountain and create a large wave.

I spent a lot of time doing this, thinking I needed to find the correct combination of moves to somehow ‘open’ the Door!

Things you wont be able to do:


LOL, have you photoshopped those?!

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You can call all the devs on the phone (except Ron Gilbert who has left no message).

I love Gary Winnick´s message because it again reminded me what a great year for movies 1987 was(and he didn´t even mentioni Lethal Weapon and Hellraiser). Funnily enough, in the weeks anticipating launch I watched movies that were released the year the game is set in to get me in the mood and I watched all of those that Gary mentions.

If you call Jenn Sandercock, she will give you a hint about a Note under a bed in the hotel when you find the note it will give you a hint about a book in the library. Might be one of the most elaborate easter eggs in the game.

Also Annie Fox, who is obviously fed up for being mistaken for Annie Larris.


About voicemail messages and developers, I suggest you to call Dave Grossman, if you didn’t it already.

(for those who don’t know him, Dave is not a developer of Thimbleweed Park but he developed several adventure games at LucasArts and at Humongous Entertainment with Ron)

His message is one of my favorites. :slight_smile:


I don´t remember if I called him, but I think I tried Noah Falstein who is also formerly of LFG, Tim Schafer is also on there but didn´t leave a message.

And I was actually gullible enough to at least try to luck up people like Spielberg, Lucas or Frank Oz. Hey, who knows maybe Spielberg would like Thimbleweed Park if he´d ever learn about it.

Have you tried visiting the Mansions’s kitchen in the Wireframe World? :fearful:


I did call Gary Winnick and yes, funny message :slight_smile: I think there is also a Dave Grossman message. The mighty phone of the 80’s!

Yes, Steven Spielberg is described as an avid gamer since the Last Crusade development :slight_smile: I bet he already played Thimbleweed Park!

Try to find all the references to Monkey Island, both from the fans (all the books in the library/store) and the game (Guybrush himself in the circus)

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Yes, and with the Edna surprise!

A funny moment is the animation that you get whenever you make Ransome use the anti-itch cream.

Here Delores is probably wondering what he’s doing: :smiley:

And if you use it again immediately, he says:

Just imagine this scene when we’ll get the uncensored version. :smiley:


Try cutting down the tree with Angela Ray. Also, try scaring Angela Ray in the hotel.

What does it say about me that my first guess at the beep replacements there are “dangling participles” ? Honestly, I would prefer we never get an uncensored version - it’s too much fun imagining words that might be under those beeps.

It says that you are intuitively good at deductive reasoning, as are most of the rest of us in this instance.

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Try looking at that theremin record with Ransome the Clown.

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