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Stranger Things Lucasarts spoof video


This video is not new but I haven’t seen it before, so maybe it’s not well known. It’s a spoof of a bad Stranger Things game in the style of MI.

This channel has more interesting stuff. If anyone is familiar with Sierra games, I recommend Jurassic Park Sierra game video, it’s hilarious.


I have seen their videos, I don’t know why they don’t have much more subscribers!


Are they actually only demo videos?


You know this game?


I actually downloaded and played the Stranger Things Adventure Game last year. But it’s only a demo, you can’t really get anywhere.


The Penney Pixel videos are just well done animation.


Yes, I do. There’s also another short video mockup, but these were quite popular.


Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t seen it before. :joy:


funny (if you watched the movie or played things like aztec runner)


@PiecesOfKate, check it out!

“you are not close enough”… :joy: :rofl:


(So @nihilquest, I got this same post via FB. :metal: from a fellow guitar player and AC/DC fan :slight_smile: )


Haha, sounds spot on. Bookmarked!


Here’s another one, this time with Indy!

BTW it’s funny how these are supposed to be bad games, yet everyone wants to play them.


The silent, implied commentary is hilarious in these videos!


Adventure Gamers interviewed the creator of Fictional Bad Games, Robert Penney:


Looks like Lost the game was also released in 1987!


Found here.


I see Hurley! I’d pay good cash money if someone were to make the Lost game for real.


That would be in the flashback season where they flash forward to events that did not happen, right?

I have to say it is the only game that looks waaaay to good for the CVS/2600. That snakes on a plane is more like what movie tie-ins looked like. After you replace the suitcase sprite with just a simple rectangle.