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If you come from the blog, and feel a little disoriented... Try this!

Hello everyone, most of you I already “know” from the blog.
Nice to read you here, thanks to the team.

When I entered the forums for the first time, I was a little disoriented, mostly for the dark color of the background, I realized later.

When I finally decided to join in, I found this wonderful option (Default) that gives a white/gray color to the text background, and to me was very very nice and easy to read. Also it reminded me of the blog comments.

Also, I discovered that you can use many many languages for the interface, which is fine.

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Cool! Thanks for the tip. I prefer to read black text on white background.

Fine, glad to be of help.

Am I wrong or this is a forum with… ahem… achievements? Eheheh

Am I wrong or this is a forum with… ahem… achievements? Eheheh

Here’s a speck of dust: .


Hey, that was MY speck of dust!

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:reyes: Oh thaaaank you. I just luuuuv carrying stuff!

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Did someone…?

Oh. Never mind.


Please take a look at the profile options, in particuar:

  • Notifications --> Consider topics new when
  • Notifications --> Automatically track topics I enter

To let me really keep informed of what I haven’t read yet, I changed those options respectively to [I haven’t viewed them yet] and [immediately].

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FYI there’s a free Discourse app too, which I’ve just installed on my phone (Android). Appears to work quite well.


I just used Chrome on my Android and saved the bookmark to home screen. Works just like an app.

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