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Lost credentials?


Is it normal that today, I had to login to the forum again?
It looks like my credential were lost.
I had to do both on my mobile phone and on the PC.


Has this just happened with any of your other accounts, too?
Maybe your browser cleared its cookies for some reason, which could cause you to be logged out.


Today I accessed the forum from the PC in my office (no updates occured, neither of the Windows nor of the browser), and from my mobile (no updates occurred, too), and I did not clear the cache.
If I am the only one who had this issue, I’m starting to worry…


It’s fine I think. This happened to me this morning and it said it was ‘logging you out while the site is in read only mode’.

I think they were doing some maintenance.

I was actually halfway through writing a post but luckily it saved it as a draft! (Same as when I have to quit it occasionally.)


Also, if you log out of the forum on one platform, it will log you out everywhere else too. You probably already know that though :slight_smile:


I was surprised myself when this happened to day, since I don´t think it ever has before.


same here!
both on pc and mobile. Luckily I remembered my password.


It’s a new feature, to help to train our memory.


Same here


You’re not alone! We are all in this together!


We should form a secret society.

I vote for No Homers Club.


The club of Lost Logins


Lost Loggins? You think he got lost in the DANGER ZONE?


Discourse Disco Dancers?


It’s making me re-authorise the app most times I go into it now, which is a bit annoying.

It looks like some other people are having a similar issue on the dev forum so maybe I’ll post there if it continues.


oh that’s annoying. It happened only one time for me.


Yeah. I think it might’ve stopped now. Maybe it was just that time of day when they were doing updates or something.


Illumianti or Blind Eye Society which is better?


I be Illuminatus if you be a Thuggee. :smile:


Does anyone else notice that since we had to re-enter our credentials, the notifications do no longer automatically clear when you read/view the related post?
That’s a bit annoying…
@eviltrout any idea?