Important looking pirates and the Mandalorian

It’s so satisfying to discover influences of Monkey Island on modern culture!

Important Looking Pirates” a Stockholm firm that does visual effects for the Mandalorian has become my new favorite company. :star_struck:

Their website…


I knew that. When @Guga, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken and me started the TWP Italian Fan Dub (oh, by the way, did you have any chance of playing it?) we were looking for a good name for the group. Since we were 3, “important looking pirates” seemed to fit. Then we discovered about that company, so we eventually came up with “Red Herring”.

EDIT: due to a strong deja vu sensation, I made a serch and I found this

We also have a nice logo:


I haven’t played the Italian fan dub and I didn’t even know that your team had a name!

It’s a pity that you were forced to take a different name. Hypothetically, another name for a trio would have been “Men of low moral fiber”, but I’m sure you were well aware that it has already been used by others (a lot, I think).

Nonetheless, you got an awesome logo, for The Red Herring Dubbing Studio! Who designed it?


You definitely should! :sweat_smile:

We considered it and I liked it. Maybe the reason you mentioned is the reason we chose something else, though.

Thank you. It was made by my sister, based on a concept by @Guga


So they hang this ugly bug on their wall. The hands and mugs are supposed to be on the table. That’s a bug of the pc floppy and Atari st versions. It was fixed on the Amiga version and on the enhanced CD.

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I didn’t notice it and it’s even possible that I never played any version of the game having the bug (I initially played it on Amiga, then years later on a PC).

We can’t exclude that they intentionally wanted to use the PC floppy version no matter what, for sentimental reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder if hanging the bugged version gives them more street cred?

While it is obviously based on the vga floppies, it is different in quite a few details nevertheless: The positions of the verbs, the highlights on the floor, the shading of the walls, the thickness of the beams, etc… I think, if they wanted an exact image of the vga floppies, they would have printed it instead of painstakingly painting all that.
I guess, the artist just wasn’t aware of that bug.

And a bit disappointing: Absolutely nothing happens when actually doing “Use important-looking pirates”. Not even a generic comment. I’m not sure if I ever tried that before.

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They definitely missed out on using the Talk to verb, considering it’s on their contact page.

The phrase “Use important-looking pirates” sounds to me as a very intentional way to say “Recruit us for your project”. :wink:

I would have suggested to them to use exactly that verb. :grin:

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