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German dubbing thread


By popular demand, here is the thread to discuss a (possible) German dub. :slight_smile:

The pronunciation thread

As I already said, I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:


First thing we would need, would be a complete script. And then somehow extract the content of each character into a seperate file (even if that means having to do that by hand).


I would love to record some character with very few lines.


I wonder how could you render Boris with a …german accent? :thinking:


That’s an interesting question (despite not directed to me, I’ll give some thoughts about it).
When we started to talk about fan dubs (there were a lot of people on the dev blog, not only me, Zak, Ema, Guga, but I remember also @BigRedButton talking about it) there were different points of view.
For example I would have liked only mild accents, especially if the original dubbing actor used one. And I think this is a good thing, because if your goal is to let the product be more accessible and enjoyable to people who speak another language, then you should try to re-propose the same features of the original dubbing. (Another way would be for example to realize a dub just for entertainment, and in that case you could choose an accent for what it can represent to audience, but that’s a very shaky ground, and personally I would not take that road).
To show you an example, the first attempt I did in dubbing Ransome (the game was not shipped yet, that was just a trailer) I used a mild accent from Rome, that I thought could fit really well the character. Then I dubbed also half the lines of Ransome that way. But when I had to leave for limited amount of time to spend on it, I really appreciated the new version from @Guga, not only for his good expressive skills, but also because he dubbed it in plain Italian, without an accent. And this is more respectful of the original American Ransome, which doesn’t seem to show any particular accent.


Regional accent. Easiest thing.

But, not wanting to exclude or offend anyone, but because I seem to sense a trend.
Could we please, for the sake of a professionality leave the amount of non native speakers who speak with an obvious accent to the barest minimum? I hope you understand what I´m trying to say here.


Well, your Sicilian Carney Joe suits perfectly the character :smiley: also Roman Ransome wasn’t bad, but I still don’t know if a playable character deserves a “parodic” accent. Another character that might be suitable for an accent is the Trinity (aka Sheriff, Coroner and Hotel Manager).

I perfectly understand :smiley: it kinda reminds me of how the Italian project evolved. It was a “fan thing just for fun”, then it became bigger, now we’re working really hard for the best outcome. This game deserves the best.

Still, I want to tryout for Sheriff :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, everyone can try out. I´m not stopping you.

In german, Prince John in Disney´s Robin Hood was voiced by Peter Ustinov and the king in The Last Unicorn was voiced by Christopher Lee. Those were two wonderful actors with great voices, but they were the exception and it sounded weird enough.

So either we take this seriously or we do it just for fun and everyone is in.

Yes even you @discobot !


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Would you like to be a voice in a german Thimbleweed Park Fan dub @discobot fortune ?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


I think it could be useful at this point to adress this question to native English and American English speakers (and in general to people used to hear English):

  • which are the characters that sound with an accent for you?
  • if they have one, what accent is that?


Well forget it then and do the german Police Quest dub, or whatever.


Hold on a sec. The pantomime speaks with a french accent so @Frenzie and @Sushi have chances. :slight_smile:


For anyone who still enjoys practicing these sentences:


I’ll put it in this thread:

I digged through the german language file and found some sentences. These lines are from the first release version of the game (typos included):

  • Also nehmen sie ihren billigen Anzug, ihren “Leuchtturm” und stecken sie die dahin, wo die ver*Biep*te Sonne niemals scheint!

  • Ich hab dir doch gesagt, du sollst dich ver*Biep*en!

  • Schau, *Biep*gesicht, entweder redest du oder ziehst Leine. Ich brauche keinen clownophoben Hosen*Biep*er direkt vor meiner Haustür.

  • Ich bin Ransome der ver*Biep*te Clown, ich war schon *Biep*ender Stargast bei Wetten Dass!

(One problem I see here is, that you have to be close to these lines - otherwise the text and the voices would differ. Or is this not a big problem in the Bavarian dialect?)


Actually it is, because the choice of words and even the grammar would be vastly different. Just looking at those I can tell I´d have to make some drastic changes in order to still feel natural (there is the actually also the “bavrian speaker struggling to talk plain german” way of speaking, you may have heard that from some politicians).


Hint: if you want to write an asterisk in this forum, use the backslash character:


will result in



Thanks, I know that. :slight_smile: The lines above were just copy-and-paste. :slight_smile:

/edit: I’ve edited the post.