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iOS no speech with headphones

Seems really weird, but it definitely isn’t the first time:

Good boy…


In real life hands down over, but visually in game it looks better under. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always been an ‘over’ gal, though thinking about it ‘under’ does make a bit more sense (in either world) because then you get a little ‘flick’ that invites you to pull off a sheet. Whereas ‘over’ is a bit withdrawn and shy.

I may be 'over’thinking this.


Erm, are we using the same terminology? It’s “under” that’s shy.

I meant ‘shy’ in that it extends itself away from the, er, customer.

It’s interesting how (fast) we got from headphones to the orientation of toilet paper…

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Exactly. Under is further away from you. >_>

Yeah, but ‘under’ curves towards you.

But that makes it more difficult to rip off one piece of paper.

Does it? Why?

Try it. You will recognize the differences much more drastically If you use only one hand to rip off one piece. (*)

(*) Is that a valid sentence? Man, I have to go to sleep. But this espresso from @milanfahrnholz was hard stuff…

Because with the other you’re holding your phone to post here?

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Putting a shot of Paddy´s in was perhaps counter productive…


That is very perplexing. Speech is handled no different from music or sound. It’s all just wav bits passed to the same system. I’ve looked at this over and over and I can’t see how plugging headphones in would change anything. Even if iOS was doing something odd, by the time iOS sees the sound data it’s one merged stream.

If I understood @Madhias correctly, he can’t hear any sound in his headphones. The weird thing is, that he can hear the sound (and voices) over the build in speakers.

@Madhias: Do you have Bluetooth headphones? Is it correct that you hear nothing in your headphones?

Does the sound work with other headphones?

I think he can hear music, but not speech:

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Ah, sorry, yes!

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@Madhias have you tried jiggling the headphone jack out of the socket a little bit? Or clearing it of lint?

I know they sound like stupid suggestions but Google seems to suggest people have had the same issue as you (some where their music plays without vocals!) and these things worked as solutions.


Thanks for sharing!!

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