No Voices Windows 1803

Hi, yesterday decided to install again the GOG Thimbleweed park on Windows 10 1803 (OS Build 17134.48) (cmd, winver)

And the installer is setup_thimbleweed_park_1.0.958_(19287). in the menu appears 1421.958

I hear the music and the sound effects (e.g. in the menu) but no voices, I’ve checked prefs.json:

volumeMusic: 0.6

volumeSound: 0.7

volumeTalkies: 0.75

windowFullscreen: 1

But no voices, anyone with the same issue?

Same as No speech on 1 output device (headphones) ?

Wow, I’ve just reinstalled and now the voices are working fine! curious (I’ve not uninstalled just click again on the setup_thimbleweed_park_1.0.958_(19287).exe file

It seems somehow related to the latest Windows big update.

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