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No Sound from iPad Air 2 Speakers - Bluetooth-Devices and Headphones works fine.


First, I apologize for speaking English so poorly! :smiley:

I purchased Thimbleweed Park in the App Store yesterday.
Unfortunately, I do not hear the “ingame sound” via the speakers from the iPad. its completely silent. other apps (youtube, spotify, …) are working fine.
When i plug in (wired) headphones, its works and I can hear the “ingame sound”. connecting to bluetooth speakers (headphone and bluetooth-box) also works fine.
i read the “Sorry all iOS has no sound” thread and i tried these proposals:

  1. uninstall the game (for many times)
  2. reboot the ipad
  3. updated the ios
  4. turn off bluetooth
  5. mute and unmute iPad
  6. check the “Do not disturb” settings. (maybe I missed something here…)

but i still doesnt work and i couldn’t here the sound directly from the device / ipad-speakers.

Device: MGLW2FD/A (Appe iPad Air 2)
Software: 12.1.1 (16C50)
Language: Deutsch (German)
Game: Version 1.0.2



Hello David,

do you have any other games apart from Thimbleweed Park installed on your iPad? If so, can you check if the sound (via the speakers) works correctly in them?

At first glance, the problem you describe sounds like the “accidentally silenced iPad” issue, which is the most frequent culprit. But you mention that you’ve checked this and you’re sure the device isn’t muted.

Here’s an article with some tips that you can try:

Can you let us know if any of them helped?


I only tried to “mute and unmute” with the “hardware buttons” on the ipad air 2.
The appletoolbox-article helped me very much.
Changing the “Notification Mute” via “Control Center” worked for me!
Thank you very much!


Glad to hear that it helped. And thanks for letting us know the source of the problem, as this may be helpful for others in the future.
I hope you’ll enjoy the game!