Is Carpenter Brut the most *beeping* awesome electronic music composer of all times?

Oh, about cheesy 80’s songs, if you can access Google Play Music I have probably one of the most cheesy 80’s playlists ever created. Let me know if you are interested in this stuff:

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I definitly think there is a strong connection between progressive music and video game music. Maybe because many programmers often name groups like Pink Floyd, Rush or Deep Purple as influences, if you try to play some of those video game tunes on a guitar you realise how challenging most of them are.

And I agree Petrucci is great, that´s why I enjoy this so much:

John Petrucci and Steve Morse interview each other.

Of course, it´s also fantastic 70s music!

Sorry, couldn´t resist!


Wow, I actually didn’t hear this in the game! I think I remember the music but not with vocals. It sounds rather contemporary with 80’s influence but yeah it’s ok. What I really had in mind though was something like they did with David Hasselhoff for Kung Fury. Power pop with a huge chorus and lots of reverb / delay on vocals.
I’m pretty sure everybody knows this already but how can I not post it.


The version with vocals was not in the game but only in the downloadable soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Kung Fury videos are always appreciated. :smiley:

Of the non televised kind I bet. The grammys as they are presented on TV are such a joke. They paint a picture of “look there is something for everybody, black AND white people!”

And the black music is modern RnB of the kind where half is rapping and the “singing” is autotuned into oblivion. Their boss is Kanye West.
And then there is the white people music. It´s country. Well pop country, that doesn´t really sound like country at all. Their boss is Taylor Swit (for whatever reason).
Throw in some british music for good measure that has to sound as american as possible and we got 25 awards divided among 3-4 people. And the rock categories are awarded in a seperate ceremony that is not being televised. Yeah better let´s not talk about that! End of rant.

I do either.

Yes, good one!
Don’t forget that also John Carpenter in the 70’s-80’s made some pretty cool electronic soundtracks for his movies, and with just 2 notes sometimes! :grinning:

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Hell yeah!

Would you believe that the guy can´t read or write musical notes? I guess that´s where the simplicism may come from, but obviously it works great!

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I’ve just discovered that Mitch Murder released an album with tracks that weren’t used in Kung Fury.

Seeing your list, the Far Cry Blood Dragon soundtrack might be a suitable addition:

Oh I just love the main theme!

That games music, visual style and Michael Biehn´s jokey dialogues (including a hilarious swipe against tutorials actually managed to make me play a FPS for a change.

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I just watched Jan Hammer with his Crockett’s Theme (from Miami Vice).
Funnily, he pretends an electric guitar via a portable keyboard.
The PC is also funny: Back then, people might have been impressed by the groundbreaking sequencer software - whereas nowadays you just think that it’s a pretty lazy and shameless support for the musician, which you would rather hide on the stage.

The keytar! :slight_smile:

Crockett´s Theme was a top 10 hit in germany and an even bigger hit than the main theme(which I can understand I feel more often like listen to it than the main theme). It´s a dark moody classic.

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Yes, it might have been his best song in his career.

Yes, but I also love Rain:

Another underrated classic which sounds like it could be Jan Hammer but is actually by former Yes/Moody Blues keyboardist Patrick Moraz is the ending title theme for the horror movie The Stepfather (starring Terry O´Quinn in one of his best ever performances):

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I´m hooked on Disco Zombi right now, very catchy! Would make a great video game soundtrack!

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I want so see them live again. The last concert was really awesome. Everybody was dancing, even metalheads in kutten. And ending the concert with Maniac is also very awesome!

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Amazingly I´ve mentioned Ghost earlier in this thread (another favourite current band of mine now) without knowing they actually toured together, how great is that?

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Actually no wonder. He is part of the metal scene. :grin:

So he knows people and good music. :smirk:

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