Forgotten 80s music

Inspired by TWP - I redescoverd for myself underground 80s slow techno (New Beat) from Belgium - and the beginning reminds me of the music that the kid has in his ghettoblaster.

TWP - No Quarter:

Do you have some underground, unknown or forgotten music from the 80s that’s worth a mention?

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That cameraman’s obsessed with hips…

Typical hipster…

Italo Disco

When I say Italo Disco most people probably go, huh? But it´s really excellent. A very special genre that seems to be tied to the early to mid 80s and sounds remarkably close to the current synth wave trend.

All those tracks can be found on a compilation album called “I-Robots” that you really should check out:

Easily my favourite subgenre of italian electronic music next to italian horror film music.


It seems that YouTube has tagged the TWP soundtrack with ‘LucasArts’, seeing this advert:



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Does Terrible Toybox have a graphical logo yet anyway?

Terrible Toybox Games
Every letter is inscribed in a circle.
Used colours: only black and white*

*disclaimer: not actually the truth

I presume that they won’t have a logo, until they decide to do further games.

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I knew that sounded familiar:

So, any other suggestions?

I would think so, too. Yes.

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Tell tale games :blush:

I found this on YT :wink: :

When we are talking about Italo Disco - this comes into my mind. I love the tune and the video:


Admittedly I don´t know where they got that name from, but I think somehow their logo should involve a jack in the box

—off topic end—

Hah, yes that fits stylistcally with the others, too.

Well the 80s were afterall, I think, also the only decade where german pop music took over the world for a very short while.

[pokes head in off-topic room]

I envision it as a bunch of unruly, defective toys spilling out of a toybox. Like the Raggy Dolls after their heyday.

[shuts door]

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I think, it is very very very… unsavory!

I like it.

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I think that might be one of the best videos I’ve seen all year* :rofl: it reminds me a bit of OK Go, but they’re 90s and slightly less crazy.

*and that includes Kylo Ren in Undercover Boss

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Him being actually played by Adam Driver himself is what makes all the difference, his deadpan is great! :slight_smile:

Definitely. I love Adam Driver - he can do comedy and intensity equally well.

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Do you know the songs of La Bionda brothers? They were pioneers of disco dance and also composed some music for a few Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies.