Is MI1 better than MI2 only for nostalgic reasons?

Both games are incredibly good. My two favorite games ( adding Grim Fandango ), so it´s very difficult to choose between both, but I have to say that I prefer MI1 for different reasons, beyond nostalgia:

• Pixel art graphics are better than handmade and scanned graphics.
• The music is excellent. The best music of a video game ever (better than the second part, in my opinion).
• Insult fights.
• The feeling of being immersed in an island lost in the Caribbean, as is the case of Melee Island. In the second part of that essence was lost.

And other small details that I do not remember now, make MI1 the perfect game. :smirk:

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Absolutely. I feel it just as a nice and symbolic occurrence.

True. But, still, the MI2SE backgrounds are good. I don’t like very much MI1SE’s backgrounds, maybe because the first are made over Purcell’s drawings, while the latters were made over a VGA pixel art, which is a more “clean” art and is more difficult to remake it in hi-res without changing it a lot.

Ok, I agree with the only exception that the points you correctly underline aren’t enough for me to prefer MI2 :slight_smile:

This is the best description of that “mood” that I love in MI1 and I didn’t find in MI2.

Thank you, I would have needed another wall of text to express the same concept in such a good way.


Monkey Island 1 has stronger feelings, mood and atmosphere, because you are playing a boy who felt in love and you meet bunch of friends that goes with you.
It’s a great beginning and introduction to a new world. Very emotional, funny and adventurous. Its just something new and exciting. MI1 made you to play MI2. In my opinion, yes, MI1 is the best.

MI2 has been expanded enormously, graphics got better and Guybrush is older. Strong story, many various places, new friends and again, your love is back. Its the sequel that got much bigger support and attention, but its not what started this exciting adventure. MI2 got advantage to make it better, but MI1 has nostalgic feeling and I felt for the Guybrush boy character that sucked me deeply into his adventures. I also noticed, that if the music doesnt play all the time, you are focusing on the story much better.

(talking about classic version! SE version sucks)


Really? I wouldn’t say this. As I’ve written in the other thread, the story of MI2 is a “copy” of the story of Mi1: You have to become a mighty pirate (again), meet the Voodoo Lady (again), defeat LeChuck (again) and fall in love with Elaine (again). In addition the story arc of MI1 is more well-elaborated and more thrilling. And not to forget: In MI2 you have an open end that seems to make no sense at all. IMHO the story is one of the weak things in MI2.

I’ve always considered MI2 to be a better game and MI1 to be a better designed game.


That’s interesting. Could you (briefly) explain what do you mean with a “better game”? What is the difference to a “better designed” game? Isn’t a well-designed game automatically a better/good game? :slight_smile:

A difference I see between remasters of MI1SE/MI2SE and remasters of DOTT/FT is:
The former are more or less completely redrawn, so you either like the new art style or not.
The latter are more closely based on the original graphics with more details added to make use of the higher resolution. Still it looks less detailed than the original version.
While DOTT is less of a problem with its comic style graphics, FT with its more realistic look loses IMHO a lot of it’s look and details.

Wait, I’ve just got another good point for MI2: Its awesome ending.

I’m surprised so many rank MI1 higher than MI2, maybe you could add a poll?

This is also a point against MI2: The open ending. :wink:

But shouldn’t this make MI2 a good story too? Or is it such a bad copy?

Good point, another plus :slight_smile:

I understand your other points, also your mentioning of (lack of) music is interesting.

But it sounds strange talking about nostalgia when those two games are just 1…2 years apart… :slight_smile:

It’s not that bad, but it isn’t that good either. :slight_smile:

Definitely not. :slight_smile:

Mhmmm… interesting. But difficult to figure out what do you mean.
Let me guess, if MI2 is better than MI1 in spite of its worse game design, what’s its plus that makes it better? Maybe budget and technology improvements (in music and/or graphics), as I was suggesting?

I could agree MI1 design is slightly better in story, originality and structure. But what about puzzles? Isn’t it design? Don’t you think MI2 puzzles are better? Thank you.

Sure. Here it is:

What’s the best game in Monkey Island Original Series?


  • MI1
  • MI2
  • MI3a

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