There is a fan-made "demake" of MI3 in the works that tries to remake MI3 with the graphical style of MI2

Looks really promising!


Actually, that’s really cool but it’s still impossible to polish a (relatively speaking) turd.

Will definitely play it when it’s finished.

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I thought part of MI3 was really good. I didn’t like it at all at the start, but it grew a little on me when I played it again years later. Some parts of it are still rather weak though, and the graphical style is not my taste.

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I like the characters very much but not the backgrounds (too many colors, they don’t match very well with the style of MI2). Overall it seems nice to me, I will probably play it.

The graphics is so much better than the original Monkey 3 that I feel sad. It would have been so easy to make good graphics.

I don’t dislike the art style of Curse per se, but disliked a lot of the locations and the overall triteness of the experience. The fact that the first island is a place where retired pirates end up says it all. It’s tame whereas MI1 and 2 are gnarly wild – gag me.

As much as I’m a low-res pixel graphics fan, the work of Bill Tiller for CoMI was amazing, imho.


to me it all looked so fake, so still. I just couldn’t relate.

If you are going to do hi-res graphics, be sure to animate any single blade of grass, or else it won’t work.

What did they use to make this DEmake? AGS?

Based on yes, it does use AGS.
Curse of Monkey Island was a very good adventure game… It’s just that it doesn’t pertain to the Monkey Island world. There are parts that have certainly very good narrative and puzzle development.

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In my opinion, CMI looked nice, but it doesn’t look like a sequel of MI 2 (it actually isn’t either), so I would have appreciated such a modification back when the game was released. But, even if the art style gets adapted, it will always feel non-canonical.

Well, these days lots of us take well-crafted pixel art with a lot of nostalgia - and that’s great.
When CoMI was released in '97, MI2 was just six years old.
Anyone who played games back then would certainly agree that there was no retro movement in the late 90’s. I’d say this all started in the late 2000’s - probably even later with the upcoming indie dev scene (for some reason).
So, ofc, they tried to be progressive in the art direction or targeted something that was state of the art at that time. I’d say going for a resolution of 640x480 instead of 320x200 was a given.

My guess is, that Ron - if he did MI3 in '97 - would have ended up with a “similar” art style and not trying to mock MI2. I’d love to hear Ron commenting on that. :slight_smile:

Then again, doing a MI3a in the MI2 art style today makes a lot of sense.
But it’s just a different thing.


I remember that I didn’t understand why the proportions of the characters were so unrealistic.
Guybrush looked completely different and I missed his beard from MI 2.
If I remember correctly, Ron stated in a podcast or in an interview that he didn’t like the cartoon style from DOTT and Sam & Max. So, I assume (and hope) that he would have made sure that the proportions would have been a bit more realistic.

It looks great! I remember I didn’t like the first half of MI3, but I absolutely loved the second half. All the little stories and characters in Blood Island are brilliant.


I wouldn’t have done a MI3 in 1997, I would have done it in 1993, and the pixelated look would have been fine. I have no idea how I would have done a “hires” version since I’ve never really thought about it, and it’s kind of moot anyway. I think you’d have to follow the Curse style, or people would be confused, unless you wen’t some really different direction (like the Dark Knight did). You have to change it so much that it seems deliberate and with purpose.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I might be the only one here, but I want hi res.

What I didn’t like at all were MI3 characters (but I liked the backgrounds although I would have preferred the MI2 style), I would have loved to see MI2 Guybrush in high res, Seteve Purcells Sam’n’Max in high res and so on, I have bought both MI remakes, DOTT & Grim Fandango Remastered, and will buy Full Throttle when it is released for Linux. Except for the two MI where I think they ruined the characters the rest of the art looked great and quite faithful to the original which is exactly what I wanted.

My first computer was a C64, I was amazed by its graphics and music (spectrum was the one almost every one around me had at that time but it wasn’t even near the C64).

I still remember “The Last Ninja” and waiting for 5 minutes for it to load from tape, while the game was loading the image of the ninja eyes and the music appeared on the screen and as you advanced the eyes changed color into a more furious state. That was the best game ever on C64 (I’m afraid I didn’t hear about Maniac Mansion at that time) I think the first adventure game I played (without knowing what adventure games were) was Labyrinth, at that age I didn’t advance much (I think I didn’t pass the first wall) and it soon went to the shelf. It wasn’t until MI that I discovered adventure games and from then on those are my favorites.

So, I remember switching to the PC without graphics just text mode, then CGA, EGA, VGA (this one was a blast 640x480x256 unbelievable, you were able to see pictures on your PC!!!) then SVGA etc… So I’ve been a great part of my life trying to get better graphics and better sound on my computer, more speed (I remember when I bought my first co-processor and plugged it into my MB, 3D studio was near light speed :stuck_out_tongue:) .

This is the reason for me to want hi res.

Due to several DOS games (the SCUMM games, Prince of Persia etc.), I’ve always loved lo-res, but that’s for the nostalgia’s sake. It was a great era back then!
Nonetheless I have always been open-minded for technological progress and I like hi-res as well. A game just has to be a harmonious total package.
Seeing the fact that the artworks from CoMI haven’t been pixel-art, I’d like to see a hi-res version of it, too, provided that the artworks would be the same, in order to see more details and smoother color gradients.
I just like both lo-res and hi-res, each for individual reasons.

This I will play. I didn’t dislike MI3, on the contrary I enjoyed it. I think I’d love to see it in pixelated mode :smiley:

I remember I dreamed of hi-res when I played MI2 or Indy4.

Then when the hi-res games came out (MI3), I hated them. Why? Because they looked still.

for hi-res to be good, you need a lot more animations. Without them, low-res is better.

You’d better be prepared to do something like Witcher 3 (with moving grass), or else, better stick with lo-res.

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