Ken & Roberta's game

I haven’t seen this mentioned here before, but apologies if it has been already…

Ken & Roberta Williams have been working on a new PnC adventure game for a while and are going to announce what it is on March 21st…

I love a lot of the old Sierra games, so I’m hoping it turns out well!



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Metal Jesus made an Interview witth them. :slight_smile:

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The game is going to be “The Colossal Cave 3D”, a reimagining of “Colossal Cave Adventure” from 1976 -

They talk a bunch about it being a VR game, I don’t know if that means it’s only VR or not…


Loom 3D :smile: …sorry…
Colossal Cave is as old as I am. So, ancient.

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And what I am then? Prehistoric…? :smile:

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Don’t sell yourself short. You’re positively primordial!


They have a trailer for it - Colossal Cave 3d Adventure - Reimagined by Roberta Williams - YouTube

Most of it is just Ken and Roberta’s history, but at the end there are a few shots from the game in motion that look cool