Interviews & videos with Sierra devs

We have a thread for Interviews & videos with the devs, but not for Sierra devs (if the Discourse search isn’t fooling me :wink: ). After reading this article on Gog about Roberta William’s games I thought it’s time to collect some (classic) interviews with the Sierra devs. I’ll start with the Roberta video:

This is an interview in a German TV show with Al Lowe (English subtitles available):



Al Lowe was recently interviewed in The Adventure Games Podcast:

Also The Coles (2 part interview):

And there’s also an interview with Lori Cole in The Geeks Guide to the Galaxy podcast:

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Great session, yesterday! :grinning:

Things that I liked:

  • Roberta hijacked the very first question and started immediately to promote their new game. :joy:
  • Lowe was, expectedly, a great source of impromptu jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Jane Jensen being there. :grinning:
  • Ron’s t-shirt. :star_struck:
  • The question about their best and their worst puzzle! :grin:

Things that I didn’t like:

  • It was so focused on questions about the old times that there were few mentions of their new games. RtMI was only tangentially mentioned. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
  • How on earth is it possible that nobody asked Jane Jensen if she expects to make new games? :roll_eyes:

It’s a stellar panel, watch it here!

I don’t know where to write this post, so I’ll write it here because most people were from Sierra.