Woolley Mountain

Hmmmmm. This things is being made by a guy who knows a lot of my friends. It was due
July 2017 and it is still a long way off release from what I gather.

The Kickstarter looked like a bunch of Flash based animations to me without any actual gameplay footage so I didn’t back it.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for the release. Apparently Ron retweeted about it and said he would back it.

I don’t like its art style and the updates have dried right up. I had a bad experience with the publisher of this on another KS project they did.

Anyone know any more about its progress?

Cheers in advance.1a50358159bce1f5640ca6bc2e09dd2b_original

Haven’t seen this one before. Yeah definitely not my cup of tea in terms of graphic style. But I could overlook that if the gameplay is fun…

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I have a bad feeling the guy won’t actually release a game at all. A year is a pretty big over run.

Apparently this will come out in Feb 2019 now.
Only 2 and a half years over due.

Hello and welcome! Not much to say?
I took this thread popping up as an opportunity to check out the current state of the game:


Current release date was just recently anounced with 2019-04-10 for PC (Steam) and Switch.

People wanting a DRM-free version have to download a pirated Steam version err I mean have to wait one week (WTF?, also it’s not clear to me if non-backers can even get one).

But if you prefer large pixels maybe I can interest you in this instead: Cars: The Remix