Kingdom of Loathing and West of Loathing

I wanted to ask if anyone else here likes these games. I’ve invested a considerable amount of my free time in the last few weeks to these games, so I thought I’d share. Yes, they are more RPGs then Adventures, but they are adventure games in that you open up the world as you solve puzzles, and you have interesting characters to play and interact with. Most of all, the humor is amazing in these games, though I do wonder how well some of it translates to non-native English speakers, as there’s heavy use of play-on-words and idioms at times.

Kingdom of Loathing is free online (though they take donations, for which you do get some bonus game content). West of Loathing is available on Steam now for $11. Both have significant content, and well worth the initial time spent figuring them out, in my opinion. I’m curious if others have an opinion on these games.

I’ve probably put 30+ hours now into Kingdom of Loathing, and maybe 6 hours into West of Loathing, and I’m really enjoying them both. They have similar styles and humor, but are also very different games in many respects.

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I like the graphics style and I would probably like the humor but it’s extremely unlikely that I will ever play a RPG, because 1) they require a lot of effort and time and 2) they bore the hell out of me.

kingdom of loathing: if it did not have fights, I would definitely buy it…

I appreciate that. One thing to know though is all the “fighting” is done in an extremely humorous way, with no seriousness at all, which makes you feel it’s not like real fighting :slight_smile: Also - remember, Kingdom of Loathing is the free online game, it’s West of Loathing that installs to your computer, and has a price tag.

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West of Loathing was released on GOG:

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