Latest Dinky updates

OK. I don’t think anyone is looking in here…

It was great to watch the TWP engine develop over the course of the kickstarter and then evolve into Dinky for Delores. I’d love to hear a few techy details (or special backers’ only podcast) explaining how the Delores Dinky engine was upgraded to support Guybrush’s latest outing. It’s a shame the big wide world put a stop to the public posts, but we are certainly a more civilized crowd.

Great work. Best lockdown project ever!


I wish we could have been following development of RtMI like we could with TWP, that was really enjoyable!

I’m still waiting for a DRM-free release so I can play it, but I have seen the file list which contained ggpack files.
But does anyone know how much the engine of RtMI is based on Dinky?


I’m not quite sure how to find out. It feels reasonably similar in concept, anyway.

I would love to hear exactly what the Squirrel scripting language was lacking that prompted the writing of the Dinky language. I Suspect it might have something to do with serialization (save games). Or maybe it just felt like the right time to write a new interpreter.

For those who already got the game from untrusted sources like Steam and played it:
There has been an update of some application at Quick And Easy Software