What's next for the Terrible Toybox? DLC for TWP

I know it’s time to enjoy the finished product for a while but eventually can we assume that Ron and the team will make another adventure game? Will it be a fan backed project from the start or a regular release cycle? These might depend on the success of TWP.

Also I read that there’s a DLC coming for TWP. I wonder if that will add more puzzles or a stand alone short story?

Where did you read this? :open_mouth:

On steam:

Well, it’s not a secret that, sooner or later, there will be a major update where the arcade games will be open. Maybe nowadays it’s called “DLC”.
The difference is that it will be free.

There was also talk of a paid-for unbleeped :ransome: voice track.

Unbleeped :ransome: tracks? Sorry for the voice actor, he was great! But I couldn’t care less. Ransome and Ray are for me the “red herring” characters of the game. You need each in 2 scenes or cutscenes, but apart from that they’re not very interesting. Give me a :ransome: at home with his mistress or wife… or maybe children?.. DLC and I might play that. Even the Sorry for being a dick card (along with the second flashback) is out of character for him, because he doesn’t regret that - he only regrets to whom he was a dick. So: Give the card to Madame Morena or stay an underdeveloped character :wink: Thats doesn’t mean that he didn’t make me laugh…

Dota 2 has been using crowdfunding for its biggest yearly competition for years now, raising millions and millions of dollars. Obviously, it’s a much more popular game and genre right now, but it shows off the strength and power of crowdfunding. I’m no expert, but don’t think there would be any shame in asking for some additional help yet again for a new adventure extravaganza.

As for TWP, I don’t expect TOO much more additional content from this point on but from what I gather the arcade will eventually be opened. A MOON LOGIC mode WOULD be cool, but it’s obviously asking too much. The wives will win in the end anyway.

(Having a third version of the game to play which is brutally hard would give me a reason to pour another 50 hours into the game – any excuse!)

I’m still crossing fingers that TWP can break even (it cost more than 1 mil). The silence on that is not a good sign…

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Did it? Wasn’t crowd funding money enough? So how much gap are talking about?
How many extra copies are necessary to break even?

They didn’t give numbers but they discussed (among other things) the break-even topic in their last podcast. Basically, they expect to reach it in the next months.

The podcast is probably the longest they have produced, but it might be their last one and it was a pleasure for me to listen to it:



Well, I’m going off topic but that’s not true. It depends on your choices. If you make an interview with Natalie at the Nickel Press, there are two main dialog trees that show it’s up to you whether Ransome is regretful or not.


I also noticed that. It’s true that Ransome is presented as a dick since his first moments in the game, but it’s also true that the authors gave us a way to partially define the character and to establish how deep is his attitude and how much he can change. In the dialogue with Natalie, if the player chooses to make Ransome regret his past mistakes, the character starts to behave in a way compatible to his “good” ending. Basically, they gave us a way to decide if he’s a “redeemable person” or not.

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One of the questions in the last podcast was whether they were satisfied with the way the game sales were doing. Although Mr. Gilbert made sure to explain how it is complicated and how it’s much too early to tell because this sort of game relies heavily on the long tail; to me, the tone of that response sounded as if they were disappointed, like making lemons out of lemonade.

The game does not appear to have been a runaway hit as some of us hoped.

They mentioned that they took additional venture investments from outside the Kickstarter campaign, so the final budget was much higher, modest as it may still be. They also said that they haven’t broken even yet because of this.

I really do wish they make their money back and then some. I want to see more games from the Terrible Toybox crew.



I´m sure that they´re already got their money back and upon it some extra Kohle.

@RonGilbert PLZ no DLC for TWP or next game!

What do you think about Japanese /+ European stuff like this?

you say no to DLC only right? Not to the next game.

Somewhere I read or heard something about around 500000$ extra money they got from investors (I don’t remember where, probably the podcast).

I think it should be possible to turn one or more of the NPC into a playable one. This would involve:

  • find a trigger for his/her flashback
  • create a new puzzle structure with the existing world, and maybe a couple extra rooms only that character can enter in
  • modify a couple puzzles to make him necessary to finish the game

It’s very interesting to think about it, and it could help further explain the back story of Chuck and the world… What the heck, even Chuck could be this DLC!


I vote for this. Knowing his backstory would be extremely intriguing.

I think making such things would be too much effort. I mean, it’s like a small extra game, but then you’d have to design the puzzles, implement them, make new art, get the voice actors, edit the current game workflow to insert this flashback…

…they could directly make a new game and that’s it.

But I’d go for a “backer’s tombstone” thing.

There is an easy way for at least one NPC: You could trigger a(nother) flashback in the diner and just start Maniac Mansion as separate/external process. At least on PCs this wouldn’t be too hard to implement.