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Little details missed or understood later


Yes I realise I’m replying to myself here (and to quite an old post at that) but heyyyyy, look what I found today!

It tastes VILE


Even to britbuds? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha! I was unaware we had this reputation…


Yep, english kitchen is notorious among continentals. When I read the ingredients on the label I instantly went “yeah, sounds about right”.


I see. This is a new stereotype to me.

*sips tea, pinkie extended*


Thimbleweed Park is basically The Wizard Of Oz.

It all starts out with a dead body (Boris/wicked witch of the east).
Delores is Dorothy who is a on a quest (I think her plushie is her Toto).
Ransome is the tin man because he is heartless.
Franklin is the cowardly lion who can´t speak up for himself.
Reyes is a bit of a doofus like the brainless but nice scarecrow.
Madame Morena is the wicked witch of the west.
Instead of flying monkeys we have pigeons.
They all have to walk on a long road to the emerald city/factory with many green lights
They have to get through the gates there.
It all ends with all characters in a room with a giant head who gives each character exactly what they need. Chuck is the Wizard of Oz who at first seems intimidating but turns out to be benevolent.
In the end Dorothy/Delores goes “home” and ends it all by clicking her heels together/pushing the tubes in.

Remember Oz was only a dream in the end. Or was it?

It´s really that simple, people!


I suppose the original script for Oz included another character that we never knew because it got uploaded to another movie.


And that movie was…Bringing Up Baby!

Ray is the one on the far right.


Wait, how’d you miss that? Haha. :slight_smile:

I mainly didn’t notice just how strongly some rooms resembled Maniac Mansion, because I hadn’t yet played it at the time.