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Little details missed or understood later


What about opening a new thread about this new topic? I would participate!


I don´t know, is it even a topic? What is it? That was just some short fun.

If you´re talking about the part when Zak redefined the meaning of “details missed” maybe it can be branched off somehow from then on?


I share your opinion on this fact. It reminds me of Ron’s statement that they would have liked to add close-ups in TWP, but left them out due to the limited budget.


Wouldn´t it be funny if someone made a movie or a game but instead of opening credits have a detailed budget breakdown?


In such situations: Don’t ask, just do it! :slight_smile:


They were left out mostly due to wanting to stay more true to the MM aesthetic, which didn’t have them. When things get left out, it’s not always due to budget. If you have an unlimited budget, you don’t throw everything you can think of (or even want) into it. Making smart choices due to limitations is often much better than no limitations.


You are right, but in this specific case he wrote “short”. I think that the concept of “short off-topic” is an oxymoron in this forum, but I wanted to see if he was right about it.


Hey, who am I? Zoltan?


Maybe this is something you don’t do these days anymore because people want to play the actual game, not watch several minutes of intro/cutscenes.


I would think so, that might also be the reason why there is hardly any movie credits now, also.

I still find this super epic though.

It seems that Germans profoundly love adventure games. Is it true? If so, why?

“das alte Landhaus”? It’s been some time I have played the German version…


Yeah for me too. I think there are a few differences in the translation but not as many Borisisms™ as in later games.


I was too involved in trying to solve the Reyes clock puzzle to notice that the first two prizes for Ransome’s lookalike contest are supposed to be extremely appealing to Ransome.

I mean, I got that the toy company contract was supposed to be a joke about Ransome’s goal of producing his line of swearing clown toys.

But it was only today that it hit me. He could have used the facial surgery coupon to get rid of his clown makeup. I feel dumb.


I also wonder at what point Ransomes remark about the election being “totally rigged” was added…


I totally didn’t think of that either.

Now my brain is hypothesising if Corey actually became a different character using the facial surgery…


Reading the prizes of the lookalike contest was a funny moment for me because I observed how Ransome was happy about the first two prizes (especially when he reads them more than one time) and I was sure that he would never have won them. :smiley:

This is a moment in the game where there is some sort of “dissonance” between the goals of the player and the goals of the character. The player probably is interested in the theremin disk (if the player already knows what Willie wants) but the only reason Ransome has to join the competition is actually to get the first two prizes.

I recently saw a YouTube playthrough in which the player just followed the hints of the people writing in the comments and nobody told him to read what the prizes of the competition were. As a result, he entered the lookalike competition without knowing both Ransome’s motives and the player’s motives to do so.


That´s actually a part where I got stuck a bit because I mixed up the goals. I didn´t read the prizes at first and thought you could win money. I hadn´t payed off the lawyer by that time yet and thought I had to win prize money to pay him.



Where are the prizes announced before entering the contest?


They are written right outside the stage room (look at big prizes sign).


Oh. Oh.