Longest and shortest time you've spent on a game

That was actually my thinking behind it. I thought if someone new comes to that category they’d assume it was all about adventure/Lucasfilm games.


Or someone old…
And they’d be right. For an old Lucasfilm adventure fan who stumbles upon this forum, it would be nice if that category isn’t filled with console games, general retro gaming or FPS threads. I’m also more inclined to put other game related topics in the category General rather than in the specific “point and click adventure games” category, which is closely linked to TWP.
On the other hand, if General is reserved for General TWP related stuff, we might need to put all these “other games” related stuff in the off-topic category.


We are talking a lot about games and especially about adventure games. So the best would be to have a category “games” with the sub-categories “adventure games” and “other games”.


Given the direction most threads seem to take sooner or later, they could all be moved to off-topic :smile:.

As for something remotely on topic, I usually do not keep track of time played. (My steam library is fairly small and spread over 8 accounts – judging from the GDPR notices I received – so no easy checking. I also don’t use GOG Galaxy (for lack of Linux support and on principle), so no way to know for those games either). So I’ll have to pass on that one. I must assume that the times range between a few hours for games I tried and gave up on and hundred-something hours for some recent RPGs. I’d assume if I’d go back to my childhood, a few games exist that I played for much longer even.

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Why do you do that? Just out of interest, if it’s not too nosy :female_detective:

Same here - I had a lot more patience back then. I think the absence of internet walkthroughs and hints (and helpful forum members) contributed to that, too - you had to try really hard or you never got anywhere. I also had far too much spare time compared to now.

Nah, I vote for 2 hour working days. :slight_smile:

I managed to avoid Steam for a very long time altogether, as I did (and still do) prefer physical distribution of games. A box, a manual, some feelie or a soundtrack CD are simply part of the whole experience, and all of that is missing with Steam. Plus it had that almost always online requirement when I didn’t want my Windows PC connected to the internet.

I believe the first boxed game I bought that required a Steam account was “Chains of Satinav”, so I grudgingly created one, and named it after the game. When another game required Steam, I did not find it appropriate to add it to the existing account, so I opened another one along the same scheme. And so on. I still avoid Steam as best as I can, but if the choice is between a boxed copy tied to Steam or a digital copy from GOG, I tend to lean towards the former.

Well, you had walkthroughs, hints and cheats in magazines back then (and the publishers’ help lines), but none of that was as readily available as today. With time to spare, it’s exactly the opposite. Plenty available when school used to end at 13:00.

Another thing is that you’d likely play a good game for years back then. Nowadays, you’d grab the sequel or a clone and play that before you even had the chance to sink hundreds of hours into it.

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And five day weekends

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Did you guys not read or go outside or something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Read? Yeah, I did that on occasion, though there are hardly as many hours in a book as in a game. I also went outside to pick up new games from time to time :smile:.

Apropos reading: aside from the Funniest books you’ve ever read thread, books seem to be of little interest here. As are dogs.

My longest time I’ve spent on a game was 156 hours for Metal Gear Solid V on PS3.

My second longest was probably for Space Quest 1 or 2, where I spent dozens of hours when I was a child with no English abilities.

I don’t recall shortest games so much. Just the other day I quit Resident Evil 4 HD (PS3) after 2 hours or so, because it was too depressing. Grayish colors, stupid sound, and stupid game. I want to play for fun and to become relaxed, this was not working here.

The other one was Catherine, also on PS3, because the puzzle was too stressful with its time pressure, and the main character betrayed his girlfriend with another girl (No spoiler). Somehow I did’t want to identify with this person.


Not in my universe (country). School always ended at 3pm.

Though I was saying we had more spare time as kids, compared to now, so I agree on that.

I think a lot of the members are book people (myself included), but I guess it’s less likely we’ve read the same books as played the same games. There are so many books and genres.

Wow :no_mouth: how spread out was that? Like over a few months? A year?

APPLAUSE :clap: (ignoring the reason why)

That’s interesting.


I think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on the PS2 or Burnout 2 on the GameCube may well be the games I played the longest. I also spent quite a bit of time on GTA San Andreas. It’s better than watching stupid TV shows, anyway.

Nah, they removed the READ verb after Zak…

I disagree. But I don’t post about them. Not here at least.

That’s at the same moment it usually ended here too. Literally, thanks to the 1 hour time difference… :frowning: We even had 1 day until 5pm

The first or the latter part? :wink:

I think it might’ve been a pure READ in MM, but in Zak it definitely has a budding LOOK to it.

The latter :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it took longer than a year. I only had 2-3 hours weekly to play it.

Gosh :trophy:

This game would be great if you could rotate the block!

I heard it’s scheduled right after HL3.

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Too bad Valve can’t count to three. Then again, I also would take a Portal 2: Episode 1 etc…

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