The size of Thimbleweed Park

I only discovered the game last week and have been blown away by it. I’m just under 9 hours in on hard mode and I’m at Act 4, The Will.

I’m stunned that there still 6 acts to go.

Exceptional value for money for a game like this.

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I agree. I was also surprised by how much gameplay was in it.

So, are you approaching the terrible part 5?

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Yes, for a PnC adventure game, it really provides a lot of playtime.

I remember just a few other adventure games that were probably longer or bigger, one being “The Longest Journey”.

Thimbleweed Park also provides a lot of replayability, if you want to explore the optional features, like reading the giant library or calling the people in the phone book.

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Did somebody make a video with all possible endings?

It’s not the size of the park…

Jokes apart, the game is good and the price is fair.
What are you people waiting for?

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