Loom speedrun at RPGLB

OK, I don’t know nearly all the LucasArts games out there or I would have said something about this before, but there was a 35-minute speedrun of Loom at RPG Limit Break that finished just minutes before I am posting this. I’ll be including a link to the VOD later once it’s up! I caught only the tail end of it, but it certainly seemed to be a trip. :laughing:


And here’s the run! Loom by LMMotoss - RPG Limit Break 2022 - YouTube


Interesting to learn for example how you can softlock the game and that there are only 4 sets of drafts.

The run is only about 34 minutes, the actual world record is below 25 min though! Not sure where he lost 10 minutes in that live session…

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I didn’t remember the walking speed being so excruciatingly slow compared to e.g. TWP. Then again, I wasn’t trying to speedrun when I played Loom.

Because of a donation incentive, I believe he actually played through certain cutscenes (instead of skipping them) and visited an area you wouldn’t normally go to in a world-record attempt. It was all still highly amusing in any case. :slight_smile:

I think movement speed is one of those things that you take in stride (haha), especially if you don’t really have a baseline. I played the original Final Fantasy when it came out on the NES and I thought nothing of the movement/battle speed. Fast forward many years later with mods that really increase the walking and battle commands, and going back to the original game I can’t believe just How. Painfully. Slowwwwww. it was and I wonder how I ever sat through that.