More adventure game speedruns

Summer Games Done Quick 2023 is on this week and there are several LucasArts games on the schedule. Loom was run again on Monday 5/29 and the GDQ staff will probably have a VOD of that up on YouTube within a couple days or so.

A littler later today (Tuesday 5/30) will be a run of Maniac Mansion, then on Thursday 6/1 will be Curse of Monkey Island. Check the schedule at Games Done Quick for exact days and times, watch the event over at Twitch, and if you can, please donate to help Doctors Without Borders :slightly_smiling_face:


At first I thought that somebody did a speedrun of Summer Games. Looks like I’m getting old … :smile:


That would be hilarious if someone ran Summer Games at Summer Games Done Quick. If it hasn’t happened yet, it should! :rofl:


Recently published video on the history of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge speedruns. :slight_smile:

Ron appears for a few seconds as speedrunners ask him some details about a random sequence in the game. This also led Ron to publish the following blog post a few weeks ago: