Ron Gilbert @ Talks at Google - March 2017


I have stumbled in this video on Youtube, it’s an interview to Ron Gilbert, talking about many interesting things. Enojy!


The best quote:

Q: "I think you are still involved in coding the game. And while that might have been the thing to do in 1987, nowadays there’s almost no one who actually codes something and does the creative process. Why do you do that?"
A: “I think I just love programming.”



Wow, that was brilliant! I am always amazed by how charming and accessible Mr. Gilbert is. That interview was great.

Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:


I watched it a while ago and it’s a great talk. Ron’s interviews, post mortems never disappoint.

Thanks for sharing! I think my favorite TWP interview was from Triangulation:

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good for him, bad for us :slight_smile: I mean, there are people as good as him at programming, but not at designing adventure games!

Yeah, that’s true, I think he has a natural talent for that.

Although it’s always a treat to see an interview with Mr. Gilbert, I liked the first post better. In the video you posted, the host seems a little creepy.

Speaking of inspiring and memorable talks, I just came across today this talk by Brian Moriarty describing the development pricess of Loom.

It’s brilliant.