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Lost credentials?


They do, they just seem to take a second or so longer for me.


Not talking about the summary count (those still disappear as soon as you see any of them-which is also not optimal but ok), but the highlighting in the list


Mine are clearing fine.


Yes, me too. There is a small delay for me but that´s it.


Clearing for me as well…
Maybe your fishbowl is a little bit murky. Better tell Zak to clean that thing.


Fish heads, fish heads
Roly-poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, yum


Use Sushi in fish bowl with sink

… … … …


Push button!


Oh no! There goes Milan’s karma.


You know the kinda guy that would just flush his goldfish down the drain and rip it to shreds? Well, that was me. But I made a list of all the bad things I´ve done and try to make up for them.

I´m just trying to be a better person.

My Name Is Milan


HI MILAN! Welcome to Thimbleheads Anonymous, no judgement here.




Back in the 80s we called that “walkthrough” and shared it on the schoolyard…


For life? :open_mouth:


Isn’t the whole life an adventure game?


*sweeps up speck of dust* what now?


More of a roguelike. It´s different for everybody and when you´re done you can´t get a second chance.


Find 29 more specks of dust!


I could probably find more than that in our house at the moment :smirk:


Proof it! :wink: