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Private lounge area

So apparently now that I have my ‘regular’ badge I can access a ‘private lounge area’.

  1. Where is it?
  2. Is this actually a joke that I’ve taken too seriously?
  3. Or is it code for something even more rad, like Fight Club?

You see, now you can forget about that one, because you´re ain´t supposed to talk about it(Rules No 1 and 2)!

Seriously, though I assumed it had to do with the ability to do invites, but I´m not entirely sure.


I think that it’s safe to assume that if you don’t see it, then the forum managers didn’t create it. This forum has some restricted categories/areas but I think that the lounge doesn’t exist.

No, Discourse really has this feature, but I think it’s optional.

I can answer to this question only if you tell me the password or if you show me the secret handshake.

No, you don’t need to be a “regular” user to invite people. For that, you just need the “member” level.

Ken sent me!

(Post must be at least 20 characters and no hamsters will be harmed.)

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Anyway, I´m still bitter I´ll probably never get that “new user of the month” badge. My “getting started” badge section looks so incomplete without it. :worried:

Oh I see, makes sense. I’m not bothered if it doesn’t exist - it would be a bit cliquey.

Maybe the forum has a secret badge called “upperclass twit of the year”?

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OK. You’ll find the answer in the private message that SecretBot just sent to you. If you want, there is also a new option in your Preferences>Notifications section that lets you to switch off the notifications of the real-time chat with the developers.

For any further question, ask directly to SecretBot, not me.

Professional badge-seekers create multiple accounts to get that badge and when they get it they ask the admins to merge the user account that got it with their main user account.

Actually there is, and it has been already assigned to many users but it’s not a public badge.

Sounds unnecessarily Frankensteinian.

Badge seeking is a serious (and dangerous) game that sometimes requires the players to question their individuality. Professional players who create multiple accounts to win the “new user of the month” badge often suffer of Ubiquity Syndrome.

The low number of users with that badge make me confident that this forum mostly consists of very sane users. At least being more sane than me, which is a very easy thing to achieve.

The interesting part of this is that the users that you perceive to be sane are probably just fake accounts that use neural-network based text creation to post interesting things and to get likes.

Is that actually a thing? What’s the point? :neutral_face:

Wait a minute, is this discussion leading to the Thimbleweed Park ending…IN REAL LIFE???:delores:

Who knows? Life is full of imponderable variables.

I cannot be explicit but I can point out that, by definition, getting the “member” status means that you reached an upper lever, right?

Not saying more.

Well there goes the rest of my sanity…

Story of my life!

@discourse The algorithm of this badge seems to be flawed:
dimitreze (nothing against you :slight_smile:) was granted this badge on 20th of May. At this point of time he had created one topic and one reply, he had joined on 16th of May.
It seems like the algorithm calculates some like-ratio.

I agree, it’s a stupid badge since I will never be able the get it :slight_smile:

Why do you think it’s flawed? To establish if an algorithm is flawed, you need to know if it’s working as intended or not.

Yes, this specific algorithm awards new users who posted things that got liked very much. But if this behaviour is the intended one, then the algorithm is not flawed. :slight_smile:

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