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Lucasfilm Games is back

Ok, so Lucasfilm Games is back, but it seems to be focused only on Star Wars. Which is no a surprise really.

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The interesting fact is that the name “Lucasfilm” has reborn.

Yeah, seems to be mostly just like a publishing/licensing label for Star Wars games developed by outside developers.

Hate to be so negative but I highly doubt Disney will have anything to do with our beloved Lucasfilm/Lucasarts adventure properties either as they’re just not mainstream enough and I doubt the new Lucasfilm Games has any interest in being a publisher of interesting indie/niche titles… Maybe some half assed Indiana Jones action game if we’re lucky.

Can’t lie tho, that name makes nostalgic as hell.

I guess, they mainly used that name and logo just now in order to prevent them from expiring, which would happen in many countries when no longer in use.
Many firms issue retro editions with their old logos or names once in a while for this exact reason. It’s commonplace on food brands and detergent brands and probably many others too.


That’s what they want you to believe…

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So the exact opposite of what Lucasfilm Games was doing back in the day, when Star Wars was off-limits, and the developers had to come up with new, original IPs.

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Bethesda will make a Indiana Jones game for Lucasfilm Games.


Wasn’t “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” for the NES developed by Lucasfilm Games (1991 or so)… :thinking:

Hm, Wikipedia lists Lucasfilm Games + another studio, so it might be just a license title?

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The first LucasArts in-house Star Wars title was X-Wing, in 1993.

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Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will make a Star Wars game for Lucasfilm Games.
Both MachineGames (Indy) and Massive Entertainment (SW) are Swedish companies :thinking:

To be fair, it already said on Lucas film games’ Twitter bio that they’d bring games from the Star Wars galaxies and beyond. That’s where Indy and stuff doesn’t sound surprising. No I’m just waiting for the XXXXX island announcement.

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Maybe they will revoke LucasArts some day for some no-movie-based games.

Sounds salacious…

My guess is that they are just going to print the Lucasfilm Games logo on the game cases instead of LucasArts - for whatever reason they would do that. Maybe they just think that Lucasfilm Games reminds the people more of Lucasfilm and would be more suitable for games that are based on the LFL movies.
It’s just the brand. It’s not the games studio which there was 30 years ago.

It’s just aligning the brands. Lucasfilm Ltd’s Games (licensing) subsidiary should have a similar name and logo. LucasArts was a mess regarding the branding. Going one way, then deciding something else, leaving one company with a residue from a confusing branding.

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