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LucasFilm Games is back in 2019?


Disney may be resurrecting Lucasfilm Games, given the recent addition of several new high-level job positions on their recruitment website.

Assistant Producer (Lucasfilm Games)
Producer (Lucasfilm Games)
Assistant Producer (Lucasfilm Games - Asia)
Brand Art Coordinator (Lucasfilm Games)
Brand Marketing Coordinator (Lucasfilm Games)
Associate Brand Art Director (Lucasfilm Games)
Associate Brand Marketing Manager (Lucasfilm Games)

More info:

Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert

I would assume that basically just means “Star Wars”? And possibly Indiana Jones. (As in coordinating with external developers.)


Look who’s in the comments section :smile:



Just saw this as well,

I wait with extreme bated breath… but the child in me just wants Disney to do the right thing and resurrect all the greats!


Came across this tweet, seems like it might be an over-reaction to say they are coming back


Let’s all apply for all of these jobs, hire more people once inside, push out the others and then let the thing crash ‘n’ burn and hand the MI IP to Ron at the end.
Best plan ever.


Indeed. Even if they are thinking of bringing back Lucas and reboot some IPs other than Star Wars, does anyone here believes that they might actually come out with the type of adventure games that we like? There’s more chance of Ron Gilbert spitting out what’s the secret of Monkey Island! :rofl:




Oh yoouuuu, I was like that when I was your age…



It’s Disney after all. To create something memorable, they’d need a flat organisation, a bit of a chaos and close relations between people to be really creative. If there are a lot of managers, executives and marketing people who all need to show some immediate figures of sales, there is almost no chance to take any risks, which means there’s no chance we would see anything other than a mediocre outcome.


This could be very exciting! :open_mouth:


I heard they’re making live action reboots of all the old adventure games.


woo-hoo. can’t wait for the reboot of the Indy games. $4.99 for a longer leash, and only $8.99 for hi-fidelity surround whip sound effects. :money_mouth_face: :confounded:


It better be good (stops my sceptic self)


Meh… I’m more excited with what Sir Ron Gilbert has to offer than this one. Although I’d still watch out for this, for strong critic’s sake…

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Eheh, we are in the times where there’s a live action on every cartoon or videogame.
The last in time order is Sonic the Hedgehog!

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To see Dominic Armato play Guybrush in a live-action movie would be refreshing in an endless loop of comic book remakes, reboots and sequel/prequels.

No offence to anyone who enjoys these, just looking a bit saturated these days :).


PCGamer article.


But… you read it first here! (Sort of)

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Reading articles and discussions shared here, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. If they release, say, Monkey island merch then I would be thrilled! But I would also be in a corner to stare and think of how sad this is that Disney is, yet again, getting all the credit…