Lucius and Lucius Demake (C64 style)

I already knew about Lucius, it’s an horror adventure game published in 2012 that never interested me enough but I wasn’t aware of “Lucius Demake”, another version of the game created to mimic the style of a C64 game.

I discovered it right now, because AdventureGamers has published the news that “Lucius Demake” has been released also on Android.

I thought that some of you might appreciate this C64-styled demake. Actually, I might like it as well, more than the original version.

Here is the original trailer about Lucius Demake:

Here is the trailer about the Android version:

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When I’ve heard of this Lucius Demake some time ago and knowing the original Lucius I thought it was just a joke.
Guess not. :slight_smile:

This demake looks awesome to me. The look, I mean. I need to find the time to try it.

This gives me an idea… it would be fun to make a “demake” of TWP as a free, point-and-click text adventure. Something like detectiveland, but with some fan-made graphics. I’d like to do it, if Ron gave permission to use the dialogs, and disclosed the full texts.