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Adventure game mock-ups in the style of LucasArts

Here are some mock-ups of non-existing LucsArts style adventure games.

Lucasarts adventure
Simon Bachmann

Andrew Scaife

Espen Terjesen

Who knows other nice mock-ups?
Or, who draw his own LucsArts adventure game interface?


I’ll just put here a few threads and posts in which we discussed Lucas-style mockups:

The artist behind the “The Thing” mock-up is also the graphic artist of “The Darkside Detective”.

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I just felt really terrible because I thought these were supposed to be based on movies and I recognized not a single one, but as it seems they´re all entirely original creations. Phew…

Dude, really? You’re disappointing me. Two of those three are at least inspired by specific movies, although not by specific scenes. One of them is both ultra-obvious and quite popular.

(but maybe I’m lying just to mess with you)

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I´ll just try to fit a few titles then…

  1. Se7en (1995)
  2. The Rocketeer (1991)
  3. Phantasm (1979)

Feel free to theorize why I came up with those.

I’ll give you a hint because I don’t want to be responsible for an overthinking breakdown.

Maybe one of them is not about a movie but about a TV series.

Well actually my first guess would have been that the first one is either Fargo or True Detective (or maybe Narcos or whatever).

The second one looks a little like Lost In Space but only a little.

I don´t think you mean the third one.

The ‘Talk to salesman’ one looks like the shipyard scene from Space Quest III.

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There’s a mockup for Twin Peaks as a SCUMM adventure game:


Also Twin Peaks imagined as a Sierra adventure:

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The second picture in this topic (from Andrew Scaife) reminds me of Stan from Monkey Island.


That’s awesome. I loved when LA messed with interface - like brainwashing in Zak .

Yes, the artist drew that character in that way because that character is also a salesman in the TV series that the mock-up was citing.

What show has a Boba Fett spaceship like that? Some parts of the setting remind me of Lost In Space, but that´s about it…

The sci-fi mock-up with the salesman in it is a reference to the TV series “Firefly”.

That makes sense, because I still haven´t seen that one.

It’s pretty decent, but also overhyped. Imagine if people were always saying Star Wars was the best thing ever — you know what, never mind. :wink:

Are you like telling me to…make up my own mind about something? :scream:

Sure! :smiley:

It’s worth watching. Just, iunno, people treat it as if it were on the same level as TWP. :smiley:

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