The Castle (game inspired by Maniac Mansion)

Purchased and played tonight!
It’s cool, made with AGS, above average in technical details, but good to play, good humour and with thrilling suspense!

I think I’m stuck.
I have all the players captured, and sent in three different “jails”.

I chosen Agent L and the student who knows 5 languages.
Where are you, @seguso ?


The game is only available via Steam?

For now: yes. But it should change soon:


The author says (didn’t you read the card?) that you need to restart/restore if all the characters are jailed. In my experience, if more than one is jailed, you need to restore. Because it took the collaboration of two, in order to free him. (I think there is another way with two characters jailed though, but not worth it)

I’ll repeat my suggestion in the other thread. This is not a spoiler IMO. After visiting many rooms and picking all the objects you can, you’ll probably get stuck. You need to do something on the roof. Use everything on everything there. If this does not work, maybe you need to first combine one object in the inv with another in another room, then come back on the roof and use that combined object on everything. Then you’ll do something that will open new possibilities.

btw, I played with Sister Angela and the blonde girl. But in the beginning I think it’s the same.

Let me know if you need more hints. If you do, tell me your inventory. I’ll tell you in what room to act.

Well, I’ve read the programmer’s note, and also the note in the sucking blood cell.
I figure out something to let one escape from the basement, but it’s too early.
I still have to explore all the rooms.

Alright, keep me up to date.


I’ve played more. :arrow_down: (warning: spoilers)

I think I’ve visited all the rooms that don’t need a key, except the one of the castle owner.
I used the towel on the dish receiver, in order to disturb the tv, but it’s not enough.
I’ve ordered the pizza (with a lot of iron) and it landed on the roof, but I don’t have the key to enter the door and to go up there.
I “died” (?) by entering the room with the Tesla coils. I was sent to the Paradise :joy::joy::joy:
I’ve a lot of objects, all with Agent L, which fears nothing.
Oh, I’ve found the book on how to become a mouse, and found some mouse holes here and there. But I need some ingredients more.

Anyway, one of the characters (the student) is outside. He can’t open the front door anymore (after the first one entered, it says the door is locked, and I can’t unlock it from inside), and he is afraid to go down the well using the rope.

I feel I must restart the game…

going on the roof and using the towel should allow you to pick up another item in another room that unblocks you.

one character is afraid to go down the well? that’s an unlucky choice… maybe you could restart with different chars. Consider that Sister Angela has an item that allows her to send away the female vampire and not being caugth by her.

That’s a nice thing to know! Junior vampire is a though one!
I bet she carries a crucifix :joy:

Let’s not forget she’s trained by the very same Vatican!

Yes, after being in the blood sucking cell, it’s a very important thing to know…
I’ll restart my game with Agent L and Sister Act.

Damn, I need to find time to play it… Latest at the coming weekend for sure.

Yes, especially if you had played Maniac Mansion on Commodore 64, or at least in EGA. The graphics rensambles that era. And I like it that way!

There are a few technical details that should be improved, like pressing F1 F2 F3 to change the character (instead of clicking the “New Kid” verb). Anyway, you can use the keyboard QWE - ASD - ZXC to select your verb.


Yes I did, so I´m looking forwad to it :blush:

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No: The Castle by Carles

It’s now available on!

(and it’s an AGS game, I think they work quite well with WineHQ etc.?)


Excellent, perhaps I’ll play it (almost) straightaway.

I ignore its meaning. The very same. :slight_smile:


I tried even with Roger, who speaks five languages, but even him ignores its meaning. :reyes:


So first impressions: here’s a game that knows how to work qwe/asd/zcx and .. Right-click offers a sensible default action. Control-wise, this might very well be the best game I’ve seen since TWP, which is kind of depressing. What The Castle does is nothing but a 30-year-old baseline that shouldn’t stand out as positive.


nevertheless… it is! Maybe it touches only us, who have played Maniac Mansion in that way, with those sound effects, and graphic that leaves some room to imagination. I believe that’s one of the keys to success.