Manga Thimbleweed Park characters by Brandon Fraser

Here is the full set of Thimbleweed Park main characters recreated by Brandon Fraser in manga style. :slight_smile:

Ransome’s style reminds me a little bit of the One Piece style.

I wonder what Ransome keeps in his hand. :thinking: Maybe it’s the money for Carney Joe; the clown doesn’t seem too happy to give it back to him.



Ahah you are right!! Ransbber!


So that´s what he´s up to these days while Tom Cruise is starring in mummy movies!

Good question. But it looks more like a single sheet of paper so I don’t think it’s money. Maybe he is trying to get his package from George. It doesn’t seem they like each other a lot…

Maybe it’s an IOU…
I wonder if the depressed Charles Bronson at his side can tell us…


Ahahahah you are un-be-lie-va-ble!!! How can you do! You are the Simpson’s master! :grinning:

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