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Merry Christmas 2018 (and a happy new year)


I know that I’m a little bit late - but not too late. :wink: So Merry Christmas to all of you around the world.


The severe lack of a christmas thread made me post my present pics in the “loving this thread now” thread. And I wasn´t even going off topic, since I´m loving them right now!


Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

(Hmmm, there’s enough space to put that in the title too, so it sounds good to be proactive here)


Merry Christmas! <3


Merry Christmas!


Well, it’s too early for that … :wink:


I’m five days offline (from now on). So I wish everybody a happy (and successful) new year! :slight_smile:


Hope you have a nice time, whatever you’re doing, and have a great start to 2019! :smile:


My cousins came to visit today, and we continued our tradition of the Mario Party DS showdown. I beat the highscore of one of the minigames, and then everything crashed :skull:

Looking forward to breaking more games (Al the Alien style) in 2019! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:


Happy New Year folks!


I did absolutely nothing last night and really enjoyed it :grin:

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you pieces of good health and happiness.


Happy new year everyone!

(Not yesterday’s firework … was good, but not that spectacular. And too cold to stay outside and take photos)


New Years Eve is usually the one evening in the year absolutly no one wants me around them, not even my parents.

The only party I was at was when I was 15 and I greatly enjoyed that even if I wasn´t even legally allowed to drink as much as I did or be even out as long, but I don´t regret having had that fun at least once in my life.

It never worked out after that and now I feel too old for big partying anyway.

But it´s alright the noise last night wasn´t too bad and today is not only just another day but another year.

Now get off my lawn! And don´t put your fucking dog poo in my trashcan!


Merry xmas and happy new year everyone!

I also don’t do anything on NYE - good times.
A few years ago I played KQ4 for NYE, which was waaaaay more fun than any NYE party I went to in my 20s.


I just remembered that I partied with a friend in my early 20s. I almost lost the hearing on my left ear and we possibly unwittingly walked past a dead body that night.

Maybe for the better I stay indoors…


Thanks! :smiley: I hope you and all others had/have a great start in the new year too! :slight_smile:

I visited a friend of mine and we decided not to be online but to relax a little bit without these modern gadgets. :slight_smile: